Al Gore: Vote For Hillary, The Planet Depends On It

gore_cop_21Former Vice President Al Gore told supporters at a Colorado rally to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

His reason: The future of the planet depends on it.

“Your decision in the ballot box will decide the future of the climate balance here on Earth,” Gore told Clinton supporters in Boulder, Colo., Monday, according to Politico.

Gore made a final pitch to voters that Clinton’s “smart and ambitious plan” to boost green energy use will help tackle global warming, which Gore sees as the biggest crisis ever to threaten mankind.

Gore went so far as to suggest electing Clinton could save the world. The implication is that voting for Republican nominee Donald Trump would doom the world to unchecked global warming.

“You could say, actually, this election means the world, because in a real sense it does,” Gore said. “Hillary Clinton understands we must change because she understands the impacts of the climate crisis.”

Gore began campaigning for Clinton in October to convince millennials not to vote for a third party. Many young Democratic voters threw their support behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary and were unwilling to vote for Clinton.

What’s interesting is that Gore only endorsed Clinton in July during the Democratic National Convention after spending two years refusing to endorse the wife of his old running mate, former President Bill Clinton.

Emails published online by WikiLeaks from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s hacked Gmail account show campaign staff was well aware of the bad blood between Gore and the former secretary of state.

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    “You’ve been Munsoned!!!…”

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    Carbon Credit ( fraud ) rich Algorhythm will never understand
    that his ” campaigning ” destroyed Hill-ree’s credibility.

    They’re that stupid and full of themselves that

    They’ll never understand it.

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