With El Nino gone, July’s land and sea temperatures are drifting back to normal

sun and earthWith July barely over, #NASA is trumpeting that 2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever, even though the satellite record is telling us something quite different. Indeed, July 2016 is continuing the trend of temperatures returning to normal now that the recent #El Niño has officially ended. El Niños are naturally occurring events where the tropical Pacific Ocean becomes warmer than normal for an extended period and can influence climate across the globe.

Satellites show much less warming

The UAH (University of Alabama/Huntsville) satellite dataset has been measuring the lower troposphere since 1979 and is accurate to within .001 degrees Celsius. It was hailed as the “gold standard” by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) until it stopped showing a well-documented global warming pause (or hiatus).

According to the preliminary analysis done by climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer, who has just released satellite temperature data for July 2016, the global cooling that started last month is still underway. Albeit slower after this particularly massive El Niño.

He shows that July 2016 was 0.39 degrees Celsius (0.70°F) higher than average, up .05 degrees from the June 2016 value of 0.34 degrees Celsius (0.61°F), but still a marked decline from its peak of 0.83 degrees Celsius (1.49°F) in February 2016.

Despite the constant barrage of hottest-year-ever claims and ridiculous climate change predictions, Dr. Spencer believes that 2016 is “unlikely” to be a record warm year in the satellite record. Meanwhile, the constant assertions of impending doom in this contentious election cycle simply aren’t occurring.

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    NASA is a weather order taker . Not hot enough well the data can always be recalibrated
    can’t it ? NASA is burning through it’s credibility faster than a re-entry .
    What do they do send a memo to all the other weather services and tell them to hide the decline ?
    Once a carbon tax is introduced we will miraculously see NASA noting slight temperature declines to be followed by higher taxes and even more cheery cooling news . The modern way climate changes, pure and simple fudge the data to support the political objective .

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