The connection between EPA regulations, green groups, and Ford’s move to Mexico

mccarthy-hearingEmails released yesterday by the E&E Legal Institute show how the EPA used ‘offline channels’ to work with anti-fossil fuel activists, environmental reporters, green groups, and lobbyists to craft global warming rules. E&E Legal (EELI) notes this back-channeling was used to thwart FOIA requests and federal recordkeeping laws as the agency spearheaded numerous #Climate Change regulations that are still reverberating throughout the industry and small businesses trying to comply.

Some of these regulations may sound familiar, including: increased miles per gallon for cars (CAFE standards) and trucks, and the Clean Power Plan (CPP) currently on hold by the U.S. Supreme Court. The CPP was intended as President #Obama‘s signature climate change achievement, intended to address global warming by shuttering coal-fired power plants. But as EPA head Gina McCarthy admitted to congress, the new regulations would only avert warming by .01 degrees at best.

Offline channels

The number of climate-related rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now in the hundreds of thousands, with more coming down the pipeline. The emails show that green groups were advising the EPA on rule making on everything from fracking to pipelines. They also show that Democratic congressional aides used these ‘offline channels’ to coordinate with outside groups on new rules and regulations.

These various regulations and restrictions have far-reaching impacts, including the just-announced news that Ford will be moving a small-car facility to Mexico. Why? The Ford move has less to do with low-cost labor and more to do with Obama’s new CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards. The Wayne, Mich., facility that currently makes these small cars will now make Ford Rangers or the latest Bronco sport-utility truck. And while the net change for American jobs may be zero, it will create new work for Mexico, not the U.S.

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    Much of the recent energy by the scary global warming industry is now directed at trying to silence people . That is a strong indication they know the scam is losing ground . Recently the small clique of AG’s hooked up with Al Gore to soap box over claims of “who knew ” and unfounded allegations of fraud . At the same time lobbying for the business interests of people solicited for political donations .
    It seems to be forgotten only 52 scientists authored the 2007 IPCC Report ; Summary For Policy Makers . However , in 2008 over 700 International Scientists put their names forward to The USA Senate a report … More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent over Made -Made Global Warming Claims . Many of these scientists with direct quotes . The media was aware of the report too .
    So when the question of ” who knew ” is used to try and silence differing views
    the promoters of the overblown global warming scam know there is no “consensus” and the scientific understanding of climate is just beginning . The promoters of the earth has a fever and other global warming utter nonsense knew more than 700 scientists did not agree there is a consensus . Far from it .
    Policy makers in the USA and other governments including the UN that chose to ignore these facts are deceiving the public for political and business interest purposes and thereby committing fraud on a massive scale .
    There is no consensus and there never was .

    The report says “While the scientists contained in the report hold a diverse range of views ,they generally agree around several key points ;
    1. The Earth is currently well within natural climate variability .
    2. Almost all climate fear is generated by unproven computer model predictions .
    3.An abundance of peer-reviewed studies continue to debunk rising CO2fears .
    4. “Consensus” has been manufactured for political , not scientific purposes .

    WHO KNEW ? More like WHO DIDN’T ? A massive fraud to raise taxes , and rob citizens while transferring wealth and power .

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