Sydney Morning Herald Suffers Through Their Stupidest Day On Earth

The SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) says 47°C was the hottest day on Earth and that animals are falling out of trees due to “climate disruption.”

California was 57°C in 1913, 10°C warmer than yesterday’s claimed record. Bourke, New South Wales (AU), was 48°C on this date in 1896.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported animals falling helplessly from the heat on January 14, 1896.

Australia had their worst heatwaves during January 1896.

TimesMachine: August 18, 1896

Bourke had 18 days over 110 degrees that month.

Maximum temperatures at Bourke that month were 49°C.

The standard operating procedure of left-wing journalists is to “simply make things up.” And only a complete moron would believe that cold is now caused by heat.

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