‘Massive NASA Cover-Up’ In Climate Scientist Sex Abuse Scandal

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt.

A former top NASA climatologist who blew the whistle on the agency’s cover-up of gross sexual misconduct makes further revelations, urges action. The unnamed serial sex offender holds ‘prestigious honors’ and has ‘strong Texas connections’.  He is NOT ‘small fry’ Boston Professor David Marchant.

When ex-NASA scientist Dr. Duane Thresher first went public on his blog various media outlets, including Science magazine and the New York Daily News, rushed to expose Boston University professor, David Marchant.

But Marchant is way down the seniority scale, according to Thresher. “A lot of male climate scientists missed out on dating as graduate students and are determined to make up for it when they become senior scientists.”

In private email disclosures made this week to select global warming skeptics and top NASA officials, Thresher wrote:

Marchant is not really a climatologist and is small fry. The one I wrote about is a real climatologist and far more prestigious; a member of the National Academy of Sciences, for example, among numerous other honors.

Dr. Thresher spent seven years at the very heart of America’s climate research: the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). He worked alongside NASA’s former and current directors, James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt (respectively).

Their low-key offices were bizarrely thousands of miles away from the glamour of Cape Canaveral or Houston.

But those humble surroundings above that New York restaurant were the launch pad for Thresher where he co-authored global warming papers with them. So what did he learn? Climate scientists are not noble.

When contacted by Thomas Richard, editor of Climate Change Dispatch and a freelance reporter, for more details Thresher responded:

“I know all-too-well that writing about unnamed sex offenders is unsatisfying and legally risky (but then when he is discovered elsewhere you are in trouble if you didn’t say anything). I think every institute my ‘Weinstein climatologist’ has been knew about him — and looked the other way or passed him along — but I only know of one who knew for sure, where one of his victims made a complaint.  Still, I don’t know if this institution would be obligated to say anything about him, even with an FOIA request.”

But despite Thresher’s emails to them, NASA’s top brass remain stubbornly unresponsive. Their continued failure to act mires NASA GISS deeper in allegations of a cover-up of systemic rape and abuse of female scientists; a charge so utterly unbecoming to America’s once peerless space agency.

As in Hollywood, with the shocking revelations about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, the pattern of seedy behavior is no different. Only this time, we see deviant men in positions of power in science ruthlessly preying on the vulnerable for sick sexual gratification.

Staggeringly, a clique of senior male scientists is actively protecting each other. Despite no less than 71 percent of 512 female respondents reporting being sexually harassed during fieldwork—84 percent of them were trainees (PLOS ONE and covered by Science in 2014)—NASA failed to implement any policy to protect whistleblowers or target the criminals. Instead, a select few are glorified with prestigious honors, serving only to embolden their deviancy.

As is now happening in the ‘clean up’ among the mega-stars in Hollywood, we are looking only at the tip of the iceberg with government scientists – and urgent remedial action must be taken.

Thresher spoke of his fears for his and his family’s safety. He warns that NASA’s sex abuse scandal, as with its vast climate data fraud, is deep-rooted and is a cover-up most carefully coordinated. Now it needs those in authority to clean house and protect the innocent from further immoral and criminal practices.

All an Illusion

Thresher shows the reality of working alongside Hansen, Schmidt, and others in those anonymous government offices above a New York eatery (Tom’s Restaurant see photo below).

It is a world away from the mainstream media’s fake news portrayal of NASA GISS as a large body of hard-working researchers eager to ‘save the planet’ in America’s prestigious climatic research unit.

Thresher shows just how self-serving and corrupt are this clique of U.S. government ‘scientists.’ Among their antics, they hired unqualified and incompetent friends to manage their state-of-the-art supercomputer. Even the mail boy got ‘promoted’ to official NASA technical support, says Thresher.

Thresher laments:

“The wasted and misspent money at NASA GISS and all climate research institutions is staggering. But what do you expect when you shovel money at herds of unqualified carpetbaggers?”

In his startling piece ‘The Weinstein of Climate Science,’ Thresher held back naming names. This triggered a rush of speculation among news outlets that Professor David Marchant was the man.

Marchant has already been accused by scientist Jane Willenbring of calling her a “slut” and a “whore” and pestered to submit to sex with his brother. Another woman said Marchant called her a “c–t” and a “b—-.”

Marchant is also accused of vowing to block funding if his sexual demands weren’t met. Another female former work colleague said she had to leave academia because of his predatory antics.

Speaking about former NASA colleagues, such as Hansen and Schmidt, Thresher reveals the mindset of these men: “They love committees. Protection by the herd. Power without sticking your neck out.”

Thresher adds:

“Interestingly, since Texas Rep. Lamar Smith is chairman of the investigating House committee, my ‘Weinstein climatologist’ has a strong Texas connection.  I moved out of the San Francisco Bay Area out of fear, since we are global warming skeptics, for me and my family’s safety and now live in Texas. A few years ago I became so disgusted with what climate science had become I quit. It wasn’t until Trump was elected that I decided to speak out. It would have been pointless before then and I’ve tried to contact Texas Rep. Smith but as I have found in other states, I am not allowed to talk to my congressmen (forward this to him if you can).”

As with the fate of most whistleblowers, Dr. Thresher anticipates a rough ride before the truth is finally out and he is vindicated. To that end he further adds:

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do.  I’ll directly contact one of the victims of my ‘Weinstein climatologist’ and ask her to come forward.  She couldn’t be in a better position to do so now — she is almost unassailable by my ‘Weinstein climatologist’ now.  Additionally, I’ll look into directly contacting another victim.”

For further developments, watch this space!

Dr. Duane Thresher has an impeccable academic record, as follows:

  • Researcher, tree ring climate proxy modeling, University of Alaska (ARSC and SNRAS).
  • Guest Scientist, ocean climate proxy modeling, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany.
  • Ph.D., Earth & Environmental Sciences (climate modeling/proxies), Columbia University and NASA GISS (working for James Hansen, the father of global warming, and Gavin Schmidt, leading climate change warrior scientist/spokesperson).
  • NSF research cruise, RV Nathaniel B. Palmer in Mertz Glacier region of Antarctica out of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; CTD operator.
  • MS, Atmospheric Science (climate modeling/tree rings/chaos), University of Arizona and NCAR.
  • BS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT and NASA.

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    James Hansen needs a new job at NASA like as a janitor let see him clean up the big big mess

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      Hansen doesn’t work at NASA anymore as noted in the article. He hasn’t worked there for a long time because of his activism and getting arrested all the time.

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    To me, the more pertinent revelation here is that Hansen and Schmidt “love committees. Protection by the herd. Power without sticking your neck out” Sure sounds familiar…. say anything you want because you’re part of the 97% concensus . Do anything you want, too? Everyone is your wing man.

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    What is NASA even doing in the climate fraud industry ?
    Time to deal with the real problem in the USA poor spending priorities and layer upon layer of government overlap .
    Why are there so many sex pervs in the climate manufacturing industry . They are starting to look like Hollywood .
    Climate gate revealed the bullies and now we have another sexual predator lurking around NASA . No wonder the models run hot .

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    Hansen,Ehrlich,DiCaprio,Bore,Suzuki,David,Nye and the rest of the Global Warming nuts all need to be stranded on a island together away from the press the paparazzi and the useful idiots from Greenpeace

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