Dem Staffer Suggested Tying Trump To Burning Of The Cuyahoga River In 1969

Burning of the Cuyahoga River in 1969

Burning of the Cuyahoga River in 1969

Democratic operatives discussed holding a press event during the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland to tie Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to the burning of the Cuyahoga River in 1969.

“More Ohio ideas: – Hold a presser on the climate change/the environment somewhere near the Cuyahoga River, calling attention to Trump’s vow to dismantle EPA,” Democratic National Committee staffer Shu-Yen Wei wrote to colleagues in a May 5, 2016 email.

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Gore refuses to endorse Hillary Clinton, won’t attend Democratic convention

Clinton inauguration

That was then, this is now: 1993 Clinton inauguration

Former Vice President Al Gore won’t be endorsing Hillary Clinton. Or speaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Could it be his long, complex history with the former first lady? Or that he secretly favored climate change champion Bernie Sanders? Maybe it’s the treasure trove of emails posted over the weekend on WikiLeaks showing how the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign and Democratic-leaning news organizations to deprive Sanders the nomination.

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Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Oil Supporters Probably Won’t Like Clinton’s VP Pick

kaineDemocratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton chose a running mate this week that is sure to send Bernie Sanders’ environmentalist supporters into a frothing panic.

Clinton announced Friday that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will serve as the former secretary of state’s vice presidential running mate. The former governor of Virginia has served in the U.S Senate since 2012 – and during that time, he etched out favorable positions on natural gas, while also managing to keep environmentalists happy.

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California Wastes Tons Of Wind And Solar Power Due To Lack Of Energy Storage

solar windSolar and wind forced California operators to waste enormous amounts of power by cutting green energy from the grid in mid-July, because there’s nowhere to store the power.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out Friday the best way to store the electricity generated by wind and solar power is still a century-old technology that involves moving large amounts of water. Reports by the state’s utility, California Independent System Operator (CAISCO), confirm wind and solar power were wasted due to lack of storage capacity.

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Too Many Koalas, Too Little Science

koalaDespite three separate rounds of deliberation by the Federal Government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee, a Senate Inquiry, a ‘workshop’ involving 17 of Australia’s “most experienced koala ecologists”, the subsequent publication of a Review in Biological Conservation1, and a partial listing under Commonwealth environmental legislation, Australians remain in the dark about the basic ecology of koalas.

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Keeping the poor impoverished

President Duterte

President Duterte

We are just now entering the age of industrialization, newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte said recently, explaining why the Philippines will not ratify the Paris climate accords. “Now that we’re developing, you will impose a limit? That’s absurd. It’s being imposed upon us by the industrialized countries. They think they can dictate our destiny.”

More developing nations are taking the same stance – and rightly so. They increasingly understand that fossil fuels are needed to modernize, industrialize, electrify, and decrease poverty, malnutrition, and disease. Many supported the 2015 Paris climate treaty for three reasons.

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Is it Hypocrisy or Ignorance that Drives Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse?

whitehouseSen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is one of the most vocal climate alarmists in Congress. Each week, he delivers a “Time to Wake Up” speech on the Senate floor that rails against man-made global warming. And he repeatedly urges America to “move away from fossil fuels and transition to clean, renewable energy.”

Ironically, his Rhode Island constituents are benefiting from these same fossil fuels—something Whitehouse has been quick to celebrate of late on Facebook when he talks about the shipbuilding and manufacturing projects that are bringing good-paying jobs to Rhode Island. It appears, however, that Whitehouse either doesn’t know or doesn’t understand why fossil fuels are driving this same economic growth.

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Climate Scientists: Antarctic Temperatures Cooling Every Year Since 1998

As depicted in the climatastrophe flick The Day After Tomorrow.

Writing in the journal Nature, a group of scientists has documented that temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula have been falling steadily for the last 18 years at the rate of nearly one degree Fahrenheit per decade, countering earlier warming trends.

During the second half of the 20th century, the Antarctic Peninsula experienced an extended warming period igniting fears of apocalyptic catastrophes like that depicted in the 2004 Hollywood climate change disaster film, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

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The Poor Get The Shaft – Forced To Pick Up 7 Billion Euro Power Tab Of German Industry!

Here’s more proof that Germany’s scheme to shift over to renewable energy sources, the so-called Energiewende, is backfiring – this time socially.

German climate alarmist site “Klimaretter” (Climate Rescuer) writes here that Germany’s Energiewende has been unfair to consumers, but a real bonanza for some large power consumers.

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