Congress Expects ‘Yuge’ Fight With Enviros Over NASA’s Global Warming Budget

Gavin Schmidt

President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are gearing up for a fight with Democrats over NASA’s global warming budget.

Democrats suspect Republicans will slash some of the more than $2 billion NASA spends on its Earth Science Mission Directorate — the group that researches global warming and earth science.

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NYT Recasts EPA Pick from Fossil Fuel ‘Ally’ to Climate ‘Dissenter’ to ‘Denialist’ in 24 Hours

In the span of a few hours, the New York Times changed its characterization of President-elect Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency pick from a fossil fuel “ally,” to a “climate change dissenter,” and then a “climate change denialist.”

An archive of New York Times reporter Coral Davenport’s original story on Scott Pruitt, dated Dec. 7 and timestamped 20:47:29 UTC, describes Pruitt in the headline as an “Ally of Fossil Fuel Industry”:

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Trump Team’s Memo Hints at Broad Shake-Up of U.S. Energy Policy

Advisers to President-elect Donald Trump are developing plans to reshape Energy Department programs, help keep aging nuclear plants online and identify staff who played a role in promoting President Barack Obama’s climate agenda.

The transition team has asked the agency to list employees and contractors who attended United Nations climate meetings, along with those who helped develop the Obama administration’s social cost of carbon metrics, used to estimate and justify the climate benefits of new rules.

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Trump’s EPA pick will make Obama regret his environmental overreach

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s nomination for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is as clear a signal as the incoming administration can send with regard to its environmental policies.

It is also a sign that the administration is far more meticulous, internally consistent and thorough than its detractors have thought, and that it is on a clear mission not just to stop, but to reverse many of the actions of Obama’s EPA.

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DiCaprio loses a whopping $2 million after selling his NYC eco-apartment

Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-friendly two-bedroom pad in New York City is turning out to be a green albatross. DiCaprio just sold his apartment for $8 million, which is $2 million less than what he paid for only three years ago. The green two-story flat is located in Manhattan’s upscale East Village area and the ultra-low price meant the buyer got the pad for 20 percent less than what DiCaprio paid.

One reason he sold it, sources say, is because he rarely spent any time there, which is unsurprising given his slate of other real estate properties throughout the world. One includes another apartment in Battery Park City, N.Y., two adjacent properties in Hollywood, and a six-bedroom manse in Palm Springs, Calif. These properties all expel copious amounts of carbon dioxide, which DiCaprio seems unwilling to give up as he flits around the world in a private jet.

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The Trump Administration Is Right To Take Emotion Out Of Climate Policy

Progressives often refer to climate-change skeptics as science-deniers, despite typically believing that a person’s sex can vary at will. We are presently in the midst of The Pause: a nearly 20-year global warming hiatus during which our satellite data has demonstrated little to no change in the global surface temperature.

During this stretch of time the federal government has spent close to $200 billion on climate change. Yet the Left assumes that conservatives hold money in higher esteem than the planet Earth. Eight years of Barack Obama’s reckless efforts to combat climate change, the nebulous harbinger of mankind’s demise, have accomplished next to nothing.

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Dems Already Plotting To Block Trump’s EPA Pick

Chuck Schumer

Democratic lawmakers are planning a confirmation battle over President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

Democrats have labeled Pruitt a “climate denier” who will do the bidding of “Big Oil,” and some are plotting to, at the very least, make a show out of his confirmation hearings. They’ve joined environmentalists in whining about Pruitt’s appointment.

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Major Media Outlets Say Dakota Pipeline Concerns Are Overblown

Various mainstream media outlets believe the recently rejected Dakota Access Pipeline should be completed even as environmentalists continue to fight the multi-billion-dollar project.

Major newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and the USA Today, among others, have run headlines arguing the so-called DAPL’s previously approved route should be completed.

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The US Is Slashing CO2 Emissions Much More Cost-Effectively Than World, Says Study

fracking is the primary reasons for the decline in U.S. CO2 emissions, not federal regulations.

America is reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions far more cost effectively than the rest of the world, according to a new study published by the left-wing Brookings Institution.

The Brookings report says its findings “would seem to license cautious optimism,” as they indicate that the global and American economies can continue growing even while slashing CO2 emissions. The report notes that America has cut CO2 emissions far more efficiently than the rest of the world.

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Donald Trump’s EPA Pick Could Roll Back Costly Regulations

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to serve as director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) Pruitt’s nomination is certain to worry anti-fossil fuel activists focused on global warming issues. But Pruitt, who has led Oklahoma’s challenge against President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP), could guide the EPA back to its core mission of environmental protection, rather than continue its recent obsession with reducing industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

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