Trump Moves Ahead With 150 Million Barrel Oil Drilling Project

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) started accepting public comments Thursday on a plan to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska.

The comment period to discuss a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) is open until Nov. 18, according to a BOEM press release. Public comments will then be added to the final revision of the EIS on the Hilcorp Liberty Oil and Gas Project in the Beaufort Sea.

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Economic Analyst Says NY’s Clean Energy Policy Is A Trillion Dollar Nightmare

New York’s goal of becoming nearly completely reliant on clean energy within the next 30 years is an economic disaster that could bleed citizens’ wallets dry, an economic analyst told The Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.

Attempting to meet the state’s so-called 80 by 50 mandate is unrealistic and could cost consumers more than $1 trillion by 2050, according to Jonathan Lesser, the president of consulting firm Continental Economics. He does not have much faith in New York’s Clean Energy Standard, which seeks to reduce the state’s gas emission 80 percent by 2050.

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Former Obama Adviser Resurrects The Debate Over The ‘Social Cost Of Carbon’ Metric

Michael Greenstone

A group of economists and lawyers are trying to resurrect a contentious climate policy battle, by criticizing the Trump administration’s abandoning of the “social cost of carbon” (SCC) estimate used by the Obama administration.

They argued the SCC is still the “best estimate” for figuring out the future cost of global warming. The group published a letter in the journal Science co-authored by Michael Greenstone, the chief economist of former President Barack Obama’s economic advisers council.

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How did the Franklin expedition crew die?

Artist’s depiction of the demise of the 1845 Franklin expedition to the Northwest Passage.

A University of Michigan dentistry professor drew upon his expertise in oral health in developing a new theory to help explain the deaths of the famed Franklin naval expedition crew, a mystery that has captivated historians for more than 150 years.

There were no survivors in the 129-person exploration, which set out for the Northwest Passage in the 1840s, said Russell Taichman, the Major Ash Collegiate Professor of Periodontics and Oral Medicine.

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U.S. Shale Flooding World Markets

I’ve never understood this ‘Keep it in the Ground’ movement. I wonder if they even know what they’re talking about by [wanting to keep it] in the ground. Because the reality is that [where the Permian Shale Basin is concerned] you’re talking about keeping in the ground an economy that is somewhere between the size of India and China, and that makes no sense to me. –Allen Gilmer, Forbes, 17 August 2017

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California Prepares For An Eclipse Of Its Solar Power

Spectators around the country are gearing up, eclipse glasses at the ready, for the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. But another group — perhaps more anxious than eager — is preparing as well: the people who run California’s electric grid.

California is home to almost half of all the solar power in the country. So, even a partial loss of the sun will mean a major dip in the energy supply.

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Trudeau, Green Groups Will Use NAFTA Talks To Push Climate Change Policies

Environmentalists and the Trudeau government see ongoing talks to renegotiate NAFTA as an opportunity to make the free trade deal “more progressive,” including on climate change policies.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland recently told lawmakers “NAFTA should be made more progressive,” which includes “integrating enhanced environmental provisions to ensure no NAFTA country weakens environmental protection to attract investment.”

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NYU Creates Academy Helping AGs Crusade Against Trump’s Reg Rollback

AG Schneiderman

New York University is using a $6 million grant from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to create a center helping state attorneys general (AGs) target the Trump administration’s climate policies.

The grant will go toward the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, which will escalate attacks against President Donald Trump’s decision to eliminate several of his predecessor’s climate regulations. Bloomberg’s charity, Bloomberg Philanthropies, has shoveled millions of dollars into various environmental concerns targeting coal production.

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Gore Effect Strikes Again: Cooler Weather Foiled Al Gore’s Presidential Bid!

• Gore would have beaten President George W. Bush if global warming was real. If it had been a mere 1.8°F hotter, Gore would be president!

• The hotter it is, the more likely people vote for the incumbent party.

• For every 1.0°C (1.8°F) increase in temperature, voter turnout increases by 0.14%. Florida wasn’t hot enough to push Gore over the finish line!

From ScienceDaily:

Political rebellions and riots have been associated with warmer weather, but until now, there has been little research on its potential influence on peaceful and democratic political behavior.

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