Major Science Journal: Stop Calling Republicans ‘Anti-Science’

One of the most prominent scientific journals has a message for activists calling Republicans “anti-science” — they’re not.

The journal Nature’s editorial board wrote that while there are legitimate concerns about the politicization of science, claiming Republican politicians are “anti-science” only cheapens the term.

“[D]espite being labelled by many as anti-science, the US Republican Party — for all of its flaws — is not trying to hobble innovation or seeking to dismantle the research enterprise,” the editorial board wrote. “Republicans have historically been strong supporters of science. They led the effort in the 1990s to double the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and they enthusiastically support space exploration.”

Scientists shouldn’t label politicians as “anti-science” simply because they push certain policies, Nature’s editorial board argued. People can have legitimate policy disagreements that have nothing to do with the underlying science.

“Many ‘anti-science’ measures have nothing to do with science at all,” the editorial board wrote. “US politicians who want to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], for instance, tend to want also to weaken all sorts of federal programmes that they see as examples of ‘big government’ interfering in local issues.”

After all, scientific research has its own problems to grapple with outside of government funding.

“Science is ripe with problems: irreproducible results, manipulation of statistics, widespread sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and conflicts — or at least what seem to be conflicts — of financial interest, to name but a few,” the editorial board wrote.

“Stepping back to see how all this comes across to non-scientists could be educational,” they wrote.

The editorial argues politicians of both parties ignore facts that contradict their own worldviews, just like virtually every other human. Science is not monolithic, the editorial board wrote, and equally qualified scientific experts regularly disagree about what the evidence supports in many fields.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The real anti-sceince are the enviromental actvists themselves they want us to reject all that sattlite data and only listen to their new age mumbo jumbo about climate change and they wan us to return to sacrificing virgins and children to their earth gods they worship during their silly Earthday events

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    Here, Here Nature! I never expected to hear plain truth spoken over politics from your editorial board. Glad I was wrong!

    Likewise, it would be nice if they would state that Democrat politicians are no paragons of scientific virtue either. In fact, contemporary left wing politicians have had a chilling effect of epic proportions on true science over the last 20 years.

    Politics and religion have no place in dictating science. (This from a person of faith with clear political convictions!)

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