Gov. Brown declares war with Trump, putting billions in federal aid at risk

Gov. Brown delivers a fiery speech aimed at Trump.

During Gov. Jerry Brown’s ‘State of the State’ address yesterday, he vowed to fight President Donald Trump on everything from sanctuary cities to Climate Change to enforcing federal law.

He told the Democratic-controlled Legislature that #California would not “turn back. Not now, not ever.”

Earlier this year, the Legislature hired former U.S. AG Eric Holder to fight its legal battles with the Trump administration, though that may violate the state’s constitution.

Brown also said it was through his policies the Golden State was at the forefront of fighting global warming, noting his state has successfully cut unemployment, reduced the million-dollar deficit, and ramped up school funding.

Brown said that while it’s still unclear how a Trump administration will play out, “there are signs that are disturbing.”

And he promised to fight Trump on all fronts, which includes ignoring federal immigration laws.

Billion-dollar deficit

But Republicans in the Legislature note Brown didn’t address issues facing all Californians. Those include “skyrocketing housing costs, declining middle-class jobs prospects and rising violent crime rates.”

Worse still, Brown is projecting a $1.6 billion deficit caused by runaway social programs rolled out by the Democratic-controlled Legislature; the Golden State has some of the highest state, local, fuel, and sale taxes in the country.

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    Brown can rant all he wants but federal laws are out of his pay grade .
    State officials that refuse to follow the law need to be replaced and criminally charged otherwise why was the law supported by elected representatives ?
    Rather than build a wall why not completely open the border and align everyone’s interests in the following way :
    For every 1 % of illegal Mexican’s in the USA the USA will take 1 % of Mexico’s
    land . Why should Mexico off load costs on to USA tax payers and get a free pass ?
    Assuming there are 10 million illegal Mexicans in the USA that represents about 8 % of the Mexican population ( 10/125 ) . The USA takes over 8 % of Mexico territory and continues to add territory every 5 year based on the number of Mexicans who have illegally invaded the USA . Interests aligned and those that are illegal can stay in the
    taken territory until the go through a legal immigration process .
    Right now there is no alignment of interests and walls are well so passé . (Berlin )
    Save the money and take the dirt should put an end to this one sided population migration . There is a reason millions want to flee Mexico and the government knows why but does little . They need an incentive and not a wall .

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