Canada’s bloated UN Climate Conference delegation exposed

On last night’s show, I showed you some of the 161 delegates “Climate Barbie” Catherine McKenna is bringing with her to the UN Climate Conference in Bonn.

On the taxpayer’s dime, Canada is sending a larger delegation than the United States, Japan, and even China, the world’s number one emitter of carbon.

President Trump recognizes that these meetings are just an opportunity for globalists to punish the energy industry under the guise of lowering greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why he sent only a small token delegation to Germany.

However, Trudeau never misses an opportunity to suck up to climate alarmists, and his carbon tax is only the beginning. Killing a $36 billion LNG project in BC will give McKenna plenty to brag about among the other globalists elites.

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    160 Canadian government employees sent on an all inclusive to Bonn ? That’s what happens when you live in a country where budgets just balance themselves . Sick . WTF is going on ?
    Alberta will separate before Quebec .

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    Canada is the world leader in talking the talk. Prime Minister preaches human rights but still cuts new trade deals with offenders. Canada promises unrealistic CO2 cuts for show, they’re designed to fail. Collect carbon taxes, skim some for the UN and pocket the rest to pay the interest on election promises. It’s The Great White Swamp.

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