Antarctica might go green say scientists (only 2km of ice and 50C of warming to go)

More great journalism from The Guardian:

Climate change is turning Antarctica green, say researchers

Or maybe it isn’t. Check out the brave actual prediction:

“Antarctica is not going to become entirely green, but it will become more green than it currently is,” said Matt Amesbury, co-author of the research from the University of Exeter.

Can I just say, the mean thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet is 2.16 km. I don’t know many plants that grow through one meter of ice.

Scientists studying banks of moss in Antarctica have found that the quantity of moss, and the rate of plant growth, has shot up in the past 50 years, suggesting the continent may have a verdant future.

There is more chance that Santa Claus will move in.

Maybe scientists will engineer frost resistant plants that survive at minus fifty. Right now, tonight, the centre of Antarctica is only five degrees below that.

Fifty years from now, plants that survive minus 50 will have a home…

Spot the out-of-date, old cherry picking:

In the second half of the 20th century, the Antarctic Peninsula experienced rapid temperature increases, warming by about half a degree per decade.

Nobody mention that in the last 20 years the Antarctic Peninsula cooled by almost 1 degree.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Last i heard the ice at both poles was getting thicker not thinner and that i still hope to see another group of these climate change activists get marooned in the ice

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    If it is still below freezing, what difference does half a deg per decade make? None!

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    And Mars might be the vacation vista of the future.
    Even though it has

    The first colonists of Mars will

    Freeze to death before they

    Dehydrate to death before they

    Starve to death before they

    Asphyxiate to death.

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    My property in rural Wisconsin was trapped beneath a massive ice shield only 11,000 years ago! …thankfully, IT MELTED.

    This event occurred as a blink of an eye in geo-time. Before I accept any of this sky-is-falling nonsense from the climate-left they must first explain to me how this recent event could happen without human influences.

    I’d also like to hear the tin-foil-hat leftists explain how socialist policies could have stopped my glacier from changing…

    Should our local geologists who teach about this profound change without mentioning MMGW as a cause be censored as “science deniers”? Aren’t they dangerous too?

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    Spurwing Plover


    You can always tell when some enviromentalists or Al gore is in the area becuase the Hot Air comes in advance of them

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