Ryan accuses Obama of ‘unlawfully’ joining climate pact

paul-ryanHouse Speaker Paul Ryan said the Paris climate agreement President Obama announced Wednesday “would be disastrous for the American economy,” and said Obama “acted unlawfully,” in signing the deal without ratification from the U.S. Senate.

Ryan, R-Wis., has pushed an agenda in the House that would roll back the climate-focused EPA regulations that have hurt the U.S. energy-producing sector, in particular coal-fired power plants and the coal mining industry.

Ryan said the Paris climate deal, which is a global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, would further stifle those jobs.

“It carelessly throws away the great gains that the United States has made over the past decade in energy development,” Ryan said, leading to higher energy costs that will most deeply hurt the poor.

Ryan said the Paris deal, under the Constitution, required Senate ratification. Obama signed it earlier this year without consulting with Congress.

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    Paul Ryan is likely the most credible Republican and it is nice to see they are
    finally no longer prepared to stand by while the USA public interest gets abused without even a whimper of protest . It is about time the 60 million voters who supported the Republicans have a voice .
    The corruption and influence peddling between the Clinton Foundation and the
    Democrats is finally getting opened up . People will vote for Trump but millions will vote because these are sick of the self dealing Democrats getting fat while most of the population is going backwards .
    Good on Paul Ryan for showing some leadership .

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    Thank you Paul Ryan. The whole idea that humans have anything to do with climate change is similar to building sand castles at the beach. It’s preposterous!
    Get out of the way and let free market interaction decide. Enough with this crony Statism!!

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    Speaker Ryan is correct
    POTUS has committed an ultra vires act which
    the international community will view as binding
    which it is not via USA law

    Ergo POTUS is in violation of his oath of office
    which other than obvious treason is
    the highest impeachable offense there is

    In fact, in terms and time of unresolvable national crisis
    the USA military would be authorized and under duty to
    summarily remove him from office and by force
    if necessary.

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