Renowned professor exposes the money-making global warming gravy train

hubris_bookShortly after Donald Trump reiterated his energy policies last week at a speech in Bismarck, North Dakota, the usual #Climate Change suspects crawled out of the woodwork to voice their opposition. Leading the pack was Michael Mann of “hockey stick” fame, a climate activist and professor of meteorology at Penn State, who said that Trump’s energy plan and policies would be an “existential threat to the planet.” After Mann made his comments, more climate experts (who are also on the mainstream media’s speed dial) jumped on the end-of-days bandwagon: Kevin Trenberth, Jennifer Francis, Katharine Hayhoe, James Hansen, etc…

But according to emeritus Professor Michael Hart, who published the book, Hubris: The troubling #Science, economics, and politics of climate change, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Why? Because climate change dogma has been turned into a grant-making gravy train that rewards the hysteria while starving out the doubters.

The more Hart researched the global warming phenomenon, he quickly learned how the new regulations rolled out by the Obama administration and the United Nations are all backed up by shoddy science.

The regulatory regime is here

The renowned Canadian professor says this regulatory agenda relies on people pushing ahead the murky science of climate change to further an environmental agenda. Hart says that to understand this global movement, people need to realize the climate is a “complex, chaotic, non-linear system” that can’t be duplicated in a computer program.

Hart says our climate is affected by a variety of forces: the sun, our planet’s orbit, ocean oscillations and heat uptake, plus hundreds of other variables more important than the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). He notes the alarmists have taken the trace gas CO2 and convinced much of the world it is the primary driver of the climate. It isn’t.

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