New Report Shows Enviros Dead Set On Expanding Exxon Crusade

exxon_protestOne of the environmentalist groups crusading against Exxon Mobil has created a “climate accountability scorecard” targeting several other oil companies, according to a video presentation previewing the report.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (USC) hashed out some of the provisions in its report during a Sept. 26 presentation at the Fossil Fuel and Climate Policy: An International Conference. The report will be published Nov. 6.

Kate Mulvey, the head of USC’s campaign department, lead the presentation, telling those in attendance the group’s “scorecard measures the climate related positions and actions of 8 companies from the beginning of 2015 through May of this year.”

Companies such as BP and Shell will be measured based on their roles misrepresenting information on global warming.

“The companies in our sample,” Mulvey added, “are the five leading investor owned oil and gas companies in terms of their cumulative emissions and then the three leading investor-owned U.S. coal companies in terms of cumulative emissions.”

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