Hacked Emails Show Extent Of Left-Wing Billionaire’s Influence On White House

tom-steyerHacked emails show the extent to which billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer coordinated with the Obama administration to form energy policy and to divide Republicans on environmental issues.

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane, a Steyer aide, emailed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton advisor John Podesta in 2014 ironing out a strategy for a White House climate policy plan that would simultaneously hurt the GOP during the elections and make gains attacking man-made global warming.

Steyer was also touting the plan, according to Lehane.

“TS may have sent you this doc last night — but believe he may have sent a slightly earlier draft so please use this one,” reads an email illegally obtained by WikiLeaks. “We hope this is helpful and stand ready to support whatever you may need.”

The memo indicates Podesta had talked previously with Lehane about a document Steyer’s top lieutenant had attached in the email.

“Thank you for asking us to share some ideas for a holistic approach to climate,” the Lehane’s memo states. “Per your direction, the goal is to unify policy, politics, and communications to help the Administration best execute an informed plan over a multi-year time period.”

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    At least it’s in the open . Donate enough money to the Democrats and you get to draft the USA government energy and environmental policies . Sold to the highest bidder .
    No wonder the billionaires don’t want the rules changed on donations . How could they control the politicians otherwise ?
    A Plant allowing direct access to the highest levels of government and bi-passing Congress . This corruption of democracy is why the USA population is fed up with Washington .

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    “Left-Wing Billionaire ” … . Does that make sense ?
    I’ve never seen a hedge fund wheeler dealer as Left-Wing . That’s like calling a mass murder sensitive .
    More likely heavy bets in the green wash corporate welfare world that Obama
    has financed to the tune of billions with tax payers money . Got to keep that gravy train rolling because the pay backs at least 10 to 1 .
    Podesta’s direct pipeline connection to the climate controllers is obvious but the USA political system is now set so that those that make the biggest investments in politicians call the shots .
    It will be the down fall of the democratic process unless changed but the billionaires doing the buying are not about to see their business undermined by citizens .
    Global warming when it occurs is good but is being sold as bad . That in itself is a masterful con job .
    I do love the line “a holistic approach to climate ” . Is that like you scrub or back and we keep sending “donations ” ?
    Certainly not even MSM can be dumb enough to think humans are going to some how control climate change . It’s about money and ego’s . Nothing new . In 20 years or less all the main actors will be long gone and the climate will be doing what ever it wishes just like always .

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