Gov. Brown passes cow fart law, compares fighting climate change to building ‘Noah’s Ark’

cowsCalifornia’s Governor Jerry Brown (D) has just signed the first legislation in U.S. history to control cow flatulence as his state’s economy suffers from anemic growth and high taxes. The new law would target ‘short-lived’ greenhouse-gas emissions from dairy cows and landfills.

The new law is part of Brown’s ongoing crusade to fight #Climate Change. Meanwhile, voters are wondering what he is doing to fix the state’s lackluster economy now that this legislative session has officially ended.

The short-lived emissions targeted include methane, refrigerant gases (HFCs), diesel tractor emissions (black carbon), etc. Methane is believed to have a global warming potential 23 times higher than carbon dioxide (CO2). Most modern landfills have vents that capture methane emissions and use the gas to generate electricity or to burn raw sewage.

‘We’ve got to build our ark’

“When Noah wanted to build his ark,” Brown said at the signing ceremony, “Most of the people laughed at him. We’ve got to build our ark, too, by stopping [these] dangerous pollutants.” Brown said Senate Bill 1383 will protect people’s health and their lungs, though any correlation to poor health is still being investigated.

Part of the problem, he says, is how cow farts and manure impact the #Environment. Under the new law, “farmers have to cut methane emissions to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030.” Because this is California, farmers can get assistance from the $50 million brought in under its stringent carbon tax.

Dairy farmers can use the money to buy technology that burns methane and sell the excess electricity back to power companies. All of which is going to take time as they acclimate to being mini-electrical power generators as well as milk and butter producers.

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    Seriously is this guy mentally ill ? Cow farts and Noah’s ARK.
    He should take a “trip ” on Noah’s ARK to Antarctica and see how much looming danger there is from global warming . An area as big as the USA and Mexico combined with an average high temperature of minus – 49 degrees F.
    Warm air moves to areas of cold air doesn’t it ? What happens when a household freezer door that is typically set at about minus – 10 degree F is left open ?
    Yet with all this global warming from cow farts and nasty human use of dinosaur/vegetation fuel Antarctica is still 4 times colder than a deep freeze and
    a record cold temperature of minus – 128 degree F was set in 1983 .
    Did someone build a greenhouse around Antarctica and forget to tell Gov. Brown
    or are the basic laws of thermodynamics exempt when pumping the tires of scary global warming ?
    What’s next a tax on bean burritos ?
    Brown will be long gone and the cows will be happily farting the day away but they
    won’t be complaining about the fiscal train wreck legacy of the

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    Simon Ruszczak


    Beware, one day it’ll be a human fart ban. They’ll be adding something to our food (sarc).

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