Gary Johnson Backs CO2 ‘Fee’ To Fight Global Warming

gary_johnsonLibertarian Party presidential nominee and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said he’s no skeptic of man-made global warming and endorsed a “fee” on carbon dioxide emissions.

It’s all part of his “free market” approach to global warming, Johnson told the Juneau Empire in an article published Sunday.

“I do believe that climate change is occurring,” Johnson said. “I do believe that it is man-caused” and “that there can be and is a free-market approach to climate change.”

Johnson’s “free market” approach to global warming includes “a fee — not a tax, he said — placed on carbon” to make those who emit the greenhouse gas pay the supposed cost of their actions, according to the Juneau Empire.

“We as human beings want to see carbon emissions reduced significantly,” he said, adding the U.S. only emits “16 percent of the (global) load” CO2.

Johnson said: “I don’t want to do anything that harms jobs.”

It’s not exactly clear how a “fee” on CO2 would be different than a “tax,” but Johnson’s announcement was picked up by environmentalists

Johnson’s carbon “fee” was touted by the group RepublicEN, a group of conservatives who endorse a carbon tax. RepublicEN has joined with environmentalists to promote a carbon tax as the best way to tackle global warming.

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    I won’t be voting Libertarian this year. Johnson knows that he can’t pick off the conservative #NeverTrumpers so he’s chosen to pander to disaffected Bernie voters.

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    “We as human beings “…. What ? Is there any other kind ?
    “A free market approach to climate change ” ? This guy should win the contest for best talker out of both sides of his mouth . He supports a carbon tax that will kill jobs that he claims he doesn’t want to harm .
    Congrats to who ever picked his tie though .
    He believes climate change is man- caused . So what caused ice ages ? A lack of Volvo’s ?
    Don’t know what$$ he is wasting on his campaign but the poor volunteers are the ones I feel sorry for .

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    Russ Jimeson


    A fee on CO2, imposed and collected by the force of government, is a “free market” solution to “man made climate change”? Gary Johnson is no LIbertarian, and he has lost my vote for sure.

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    I’d love to vote Libertarian this year if there was a real Libertarian candidate rather than just someone trying to cozy up to the MSM. It’s just incredible how voters have screwed the pooch in the primary elections.

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