Exclusive: Anti-Exxon NY AG Raked In $264,000 From Some Of The Company’s Biggest Rivals



New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has gotten nearly $264,000 in campaign donations from monied individuals with ties to lawyers and environmentalists backing the Democratic prosecutor’s global warming investigation.

Schneiderman, who’s been investigating whether or not ExxonMobil misled shareholders and the public about global warming, has gotten campaign contributions from the wealthy liberals and lawyers who could have profited off a legal judgement against Exxon, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation examination of campaign finance data.

“The idea that Eric Schneiderman of all people isn’t raising money off his breathtakingly abusive campaign is only plausible to someone paying no attention at all to what has been going on here,” Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (EELI), told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Liberal billionaire George Soros and his family has donated $251,000 to Schneiderman’s political campaigns since 2006. Soros himself has given Schneiderman $64,500, while his sons and daughter-in-law donated the rest.

Soros is a major funder of liberal causes, and has funded groups jumping on the bandwagon against Exxon for allegedly misleading people about climate science. He’s funded groups, like the Tides Foundation, which gives to environmentalists who want government officials to investigate Exxon.

Members of the Rockefeller family have given $10,040 to Schneiderman since 2004, most of it coming from Larry Rockefeller, a prominent environmental lawyer, who’s given Schneiderman $7,500 since 2014.

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    So we have an AG acting as a lobbyist for the grant dependent (clean power )”renewable ” industry , using his office to discredit and threaten a company on the payroll of hedge fund $$billionaires .
    Since when are AG’s allowed to act as lobbyist ?
    Then to top it a little clique of AG’s conspire with green activists to coordinate their attack . This is sounding like something out of the EPA handbook and the green lobby groups who have hijacked that agency .
    How does any AG who pulls this stunt even have a job in public service ?

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