Cleaning up After Clinton and Gore

gore-clintonHurricane Matthew has come and gone, leaving behind a soggy trail of flooding and tears. Matthew has been blamed for at least 38 deaths in the U.S., mainly from drowning due to floods that followed as it tore up parts of the southeast coast.

Hillary Clinton, following in Matthew’s wake, barreled into Miami-Dade County on Tuesday to urge potential voters at a local college to support her presidential bid. She promised, and presented as one of her main selling points, to use the office of president to “step up our efforts to address climate change”. What does this mean?

It means that the government juggernaut of global warming spending, already unstoppable, will accelerate. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been burned away in feel-good schemes that actually do nothing for climate. She hailed the UN Paris climate agreement as the “last best chance to solve the global climate crisis” despite the fact that full implementation, costing over $1 trillion per year from 2030 to end of century, does nothing for climate. According to computer models global temperatures would drop by 0.3¬∞F [0.17¬∞C]. So she promises to spend more money chasing schemes that even her team knows will do next to nothing to solve the so-called problem. Is that not madness?

Clinton embraces and promises to extend policies that have already wreaked enormous havoc in economic and social conditions. Someone, after all, has to pay the bills for “saving the planet,” and it won’t be Clinton.

By her side, and grinning like a Cheshire cat at her promises, all of which will serve to increase his (and her) cash flow, was former VP Al Gore. The stage has been set, by powerful men like Gore and more powerful ones like George Soros, to squeeze global warming for all it is worth—which is trillions and trillions of dollars.

Gore’s Green investment arm, Generation Investment Management (GIM), is eager to leverage the trillions of dollars Clinton promises to suck out of the American economy as she chases utopian, environmentalist and global governance ideologies. The managing director of GIM is David Blood, the former CEO of bailed-out Goldman Sachs. Known as “Blood and Gore,” or just “The Carbon Empire,” GIM is a megalodon-mouthed whale that will vacuum up oceans of green cash hemorrhaging from the blows of environmental policy.

Mrs. Clinton blamed not only the hurricane but droughts and deadly wildfires on global warming. She would have been more accurate to blame wildfires on dark green environmental activism gone mad which results in policies prohibiting forest thinning, preventing proper treatment of insect infestations, and requiring second-rate fire suppressants. Instead of trying to make Matthew a poster boy for global warming alarmism Clinton might have mentioned that we still have an 11-year hurricane drought of Category 3 or greater failing to make landfall.

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    ” address climate change ” what do those weasel words actually mean Hillary ? Do the Democrats think they are going to stop the climate from changing after Mother Nature has been doing such a fine job for over 4 billion years ?
    Or do the Democrats really mean they plan on charging a carbon tax to increase the cost of living for poor people , the middle class and to kill off what’s left of USA manufacturing ? Well other than that of their donors in the tax payer subsidized
    ” renewable ” businesses just like the ones that have already flamed out after billions in tax payer money was flushed into the pockets of a few .
    Quit lying to the public would be a good election promise .

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