Al Gore Declares Climate War on Donald Trump

Al_Gore_SXSWHillary Clinton’s chances of becoming next U.S. President took a major hit this week as rumours strengthened that Al Gore will be supporting her campaign.

According to WaPo:

The decision by Gore to plunge into the campaign during the final weeks shows the extent to which Democrats remain concerned that Clinton has yet to connect with many millennials, some of whom are backing third-party candidates this year. The former vice president, a climate activist, will speak about not just Clinton’s plan to address global warming, but also the idea that voting for an independent presidential candidate could deliver the White House to Republicans in the same way that Ralph Nader’s candidacy helped undermine his presidential bid in 2000.

Well, perhaps. An alternative possibility is that Gore’s intervention will focus voters’ attention on one of Hillary’s biggest weaknesses: her dedication to an anti-science, anti-human, anti-free-markets ideology which, in defiance of reason or evidence, seeks to hamstring U.S. industry and punish consumers in the name of dealing with a non-existent problem.

Make no mistake, environmentalism is one of the clearest and most important points of difference between the two main presidential candidates.

Under a Hillary presidency, green crony capitalism will flourish: the corrupt, meddling, dishonest Environmental Protection Agency will grow more powerful and intrusive; activist groups like the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy will grow more shrill and demanding in their war on freedom and property rights; fossil fuel producers (coal especially) will be punished while more taxpayers’ money will be squandered on subsidising bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes and other “clean energy” ventures; regulations on everything from zoning to agricultural land-use to clean air will grow more stringent; enviro-capitalist cronies like Tom Steyer will be enriched; energy intensive industries will be punished; consumers will be hit in the pocket.

Under a Trump presidency, the green blob will be slain causing massive ‚Äì but necessary ‚Äì stock market disruption as the entire, Enron-inspired green Ponzi scheme unravels and the Augean stables containing three or four decades’ worth of environmentalist ordure are finally swept clean.

Which, of course, is one reason why the liberal media – which for years has been unquestioningly pushing the green narrative without doing any due diligence as to its accuracy – is having such conniptions at the prospect of a Trump victory. According to this WaPo editorial, Trump will cue the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, at the very least.

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    The liberal media is waiting for payback from socialist governments they hope will bail out some of them and their failing business model . They are nearing the end and are already trying to soften up the public and politicians by pitching the subsidy game . After all haven’t they loyally promoted the scary global warming agenda and carbon taxes . Maybe they can get a piece of that new cake .
    The motivation of main street media is in the open at least .
    Those that pay the bills call the shots and as Mark Twain said ” never pick a fight with people that buy ink by the barrel” .

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    Simon Ruszczak


    Fingers crossed for Mr Trump to win. He’ll drop kick the “Globull warming” garbage into the trash can. I recommend the “Libtards” wear brown trousers and bicycle clips on election day.

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