Who’s The Denier Now?

The epithet “climate denier,” intended to invoke Holocaust denial, has always been tasteless and inapt. Climate change is not like the Holocaust, nor is questioning the accuracy and predictive power of a scientific model like questioning the historical fact of a genocide that murdered 6 million Jews.

But climate activists delighted in defining their opposition this way, with help from prominent figures such as Barack Obama, who in 2014 used Twitter to condemn “climate change deniers” and promote a website, run by Organizing for Action (formerly Obama for America), that featured large black-and-white pictures of then‚ÄìHouse speaker John Boehner and Senator Marco Rubio atop a green “Climate Change Deniers” banner. “On climate,” asked the site’s headline, “whose side are you on?”

For a while, this seemed to work. Framing the climate debate as one between noble keepers of the scientific flame and people akin to Nazis gave the former group license to say almost anything. To the casual observer, even the most egregious exaggeration about climate science could seem reasonable compared with its outright rejection. Thus, Obama’s assertion in his 2015 State of the Union address that “no challenge — no challenge — poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change” became widely accepted.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Providing that many of these eco-wackos are pagans who subcribe to a pagan religious ideology that we all must return to a primative way of thinking and start living in caves cowering in the corner at ever solar and lunar ecyples and sacrificing a few virgins and children ti the sun and moon gods

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    There is a consistency to the pretend Democrat ECO – Maniacs political agenda .
    Obama was just the face of the low brow bullying tactics now predictably coming from the Democrat operatives and bag men. They don’t want to waste time on logic or common sense reasoning when they can resort to school yard (Berkeley) tactics
    of silencing free speech and violence baiting . Sad they are such cowards preferring to wear masks and hide their faces when given a chance . That suggests they were just bought and paid for hoods by Democrat operatives .
    Obama was too busy playing over 300 rounds of golf to actually orchestrate smear campaigns.

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