Who’s afraid of the big bad climate monster?

In Al Gore’s latest cinematic dose of climate scaremongering, a young Asian man is crying.

“I feel so scared” he wails, before a vision of solicitous uncle Al patting his hand in an attempt to soothe away his fears of the apocalypse.

Scaremongering is what Gore does best, and fear is the business model that has made him rich, though his every apocalyptic scenario has failed to materialize.

In Australia last week to spruik his upcoming movie An Inconvenient Sequel, the former US vice president tried it on again, claiming Mother Nature was “screaming” and the world would ­descend into “political disruption and chaos and diseases, stronger storms and more ­destructive floods” unless we buy his snake oil.

Silly Labor premiers bought that snake oil last week, pledging alongside the grinning Gore that Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and South Australia would embrace renewables to produce zero net emissions by 2050.

They haven’t learned the lesson from SA’s extreme green experiment with renewable energy that has produced nothing but crippling blackouts and the highest electricity prices in the world.

Any normal person with such a woeful record of accuracy as Gore would be ashamed to show his face. Eleven years after his Inconvenient Truth movie scared little kids witless, his warnings of climate Armageddon have come to nothing.

“Unless we take drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years,” he told us then. Wrong. In fact, the world has just been through almost 20 years in which there has been a hiatus in global warming, even as carbon dioxide has increased: an “inconvenient pause” as some wags put it.

Around the world, people are waking up to the fact that their leaders have been crying wolf, while their electricity bills go through the roof.

Australia’s prosperity is built on the reams of cheap, abundant fossil fuel under our feet, and yet green zealots have forced us into an energy crisis.

But when Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly last week pointed out the logical fact that Australians will die because of high power bills, he was slammed as a “scaremonger” by the very people who worship at Al Gore’s feet.

Yes, cold kills and electricity prices have doubled in the past decade, as uncertainty plagues the energy sector, and cheap coal-fired power is priced out of the market by government subsidies for unreliable renewable energy production.

The states, which bear much of the blame, continue with the fantasy that you can replace coal with wind and solar while simultaneously banning the development of onshore gas fields.

The iron-clad law of ­energy supply is that more ­renewables force out baseload power, which you need when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Yet SA is pretending that the world’s biggest battery built at huge taxpayer expense by another global green huckster, Elon Musk, is going to save the day.

The diabolic task facing federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is to wrangle agreement on something approaching a rational energy policy out of the recently ­released Finkel Review.

Unlike Donald Trump, this government doesn’t have an electoral mandate for pulling out of the Paris treaty.

Tony Abbott was a climate skeptic yet he signed us up to the Paris renewable energy target of slashing emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2050.

That was all he could get through Senate where even mining millionaire Clive Palmer had been got at by Al Gore. So this is where we are.

Appointing Alan Finkel as the chief scientist was one of Malcolm Turnbull’s first tasks after he deposed Abbott. Like Turnbull, Finkel is a climate true believer who drives an electric car and powers his South Yarra home on ­renewables.

He’s also an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

He’s smart but he has produced a report bullish on renewables and bearish on coal.

Finkel is right that wimpish investors have deserted coal in Australia and that electricity prices have soared because of the uncertainty that ensued since Labor’s vandalism from 2007.

But coal is nowhere near obsolete. As the Australian Minerals Council points out, coal is the world’s leading source of electricity and will be till at least 2040.

In our region countries are busy building new clean coal plants. In East Asia alone 1250 new plants are under construction or planned.

Yet in the past eight years in Australia, not a single new baseload coal or gas generation unit has been built.

That has to change.

Turnbull has now come around to that realization, telling the Liberal National Party state convention in Brisbane yesterday: “Those people who say coal and other fossil fuels have no ­future are delusional.”

Fossil fuels are here to stay, despite Al Gore.

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    Spurwing Plover


    So when is Gore going to give up his luxerious lifestyle and start living a mud hut without electricity,running water,chaufers,butlers,upstairs maids,cooks,servants to wait on him hand and foot and whens he going to drive in a in a one horse cart and keep himself warm all winter with his own Hot Air

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    Aren’t we lucky to be living in a period of warming ? What happened to the drowning polar bear act ? What happened to the ice free Arctic prophesies ?
    Globally the planet is greening as satellites show . Are Gore and his other Hollywood alarmists encouraging cooling and thus the destruction of green ? They don’t deny climate changes but they
    claim that the climate can be changed to their liking by adjusting a trace gas ? The real “DENIARS ” are people who think Mother Nature has lost her 6 billion year job to a bunch of climate sooth sayers .
    President Trump knows a bull shit story when he see’s it and made the right call . Gore is a joke .

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      The FIRST Postulation about Human Activities causing “climate changes” by name.
      The FIRST Scientific LINK of Global Warming and Human Activities.
      The Legititmate Scientific Community, in 1958, gave a Research Study & Warning t President Eisenhower
      about the unrestrained & MASSIVE Dumping of TOXIC industrial waste gasses &
      chemicals into our atmosphere & the climate warming Changes it causes.
      Complete with tumultuous weather changes: Cold events, Heat waves, Droughts, Rising Sea levels, & Flooding Rain events!
      Source: AAAS
      (The American Association for the Advancement of Science)
      The Scientific Community Delivered a detail Research report in 1965 to President Johnson about the massive,
      unrestrained Dumping of TOXIC industrial waste gases & chemicals into our atmosphere &
      Global Warming with Climate Changes threatening our populations and economies.
      Source: AAAS
      Global Warming Science PROJECTED (Spot on, accurate) Changes likely over 50 yrs. into the future (to 2015)
      PROJECTED Climate changes:
      1. AS PROJECTED:
      ALL Surface digital weather station measurements register RISING Global TEMPERATURES .
      Particularly during the last 20 years. 16 of the 17 hottest years have occured since 2000.
      (2100+ (NASA NOAA) Ground Stations around the world)
      (independent News/TV/Radio collected.
      Tens of millions of human measures / yr. from well over 30,000 private, independently owned & operated
      Digital Weather stations around the world.)

      ALL Satellite measurements show that the troposphere is warming…& verified by HUNREDS OF THOUSANDS OF
      digital weather balloon launches around the world.
      ALL Satellite measures of the stratosphere is cooling for 52 straight YEARS, as Projected by anthropogenic global warming
      & as projected spot-on accurately BASED ON GLOBAL WARMING THEORY & numerous computer models in over 2 dozen countries.
      (Strotospheric Cooling “CANNOT” be explained by ANY NATURAL CYCLE !
      …If direct solar warming is responsible for Climate on earth,
      how can 1 atmospheric layer be warming while the layer closer to the sun, with a vastly larger surface area, is actually cooling???)
      If Deniers/Skeptics are to be believed…the heat comes only from the sun.
      then the Stratosphere Is FIRST IN LINE to WARM from the sun…how could IT be cooling and the next atmospheric layer, the Troposphere, be warming ….? ?
      As projected by Global Warming Theory:
      Temperatures at the ocean surface & at various ocean depths show * warming as far down as 3000 meters (after thousands of years cooling)
      The additional fresh water from melting glaciers has slowed the ocean currents, cooling the N. Atlantic and altering weather for years to come.
      AS projected:
      Sea level rise gravitometric measurements of Greenland and Antarctica show net ice loss. HEADLINES: “….“The loss of ice from West Antarctica
      between 2009 and 2012 caused a dip in the gravity field over the region,”
      writes the ESA, whose GOCE satellite measured the change. Apparently, melting billions of tons of ice year after year has implications….”

      National Snow & Ice Data Center registered the ARCTIC AND ANTARCTICA set Satellite Historic Low Ice LEVELS…2016
      Anarctica melted so heavily a slushy lake covered 300,000 SQUARE MILES….hard to believe with an average temp. of 50 BELOW.
      As Propjected:
      Ice loss in the Arctic is dramatically accelerating setting low ice records 2015, 2016 etc.
      **continuing a 40-80 year trend ! Acceleration of melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, particularly within the last few years.
      China reports a stunning 18% loss of Ice Packs and Glacier Ice in recent years, Citing Accelerating Global warming & Black Carbon build up
      from Coal electric generation locally & around the world.
      Asian Mountain populations are in near panic as, today, they can see, year after year, their Snow Packs and Glaciers receding
      …which is their primary source of Water for drinking and irrigation.
      AS Projected:
      Poleward migration of species: (42% of ALL species have been dislocated)

      The Pine Beetle, for example, has been confined to much warmer southern latitudes for tens of thousands of years by Frigid Northern Climates.
      Today, That Beetle is found north of Fairbanks, Alaska !!
      MORE LODGE POLE PINE will be felled by the Beetle than FIRE & LOGGING combined.

      AS Projected:
      Increased hurricane & Storms (numbers &/or intensity) as expected from rising sea surface temperatures
      & expanded surface area, with expanding evaporation.
      (10 of the 15 Busiest Hurricane Seasons have occurred since 2000.)
      Accelerating decline of glaciers throughout the world
      Montana’s glacier national park had 150 in 1910 ((& in 1958 when I was there)) today, only 25 remain ! (soon to be 24)

      ( at a time when Skeptics & Deniers claim we are Plowing into a new ICE AGE, that we will be knee deep in it by 2030 ! ?)
      As Projected:
      The rise of the troposphere altitudes
      As Projected:
      Rise in temperatures at greater depths in the permafrost
      As Expected:
      Rapid expansion of thermokarst lakes throughout parts of Siberia, Canada and Alaska
      Russia reports that atmospheric temperatures in Siberia are rising at Twice the world wide average increase.
      Changes in ocean circulation as predicted by climate models, for example, with temperatures rising more quickly overland
      AS expected: Disintegration of permafrost coastlines in the arctic
      AS expected: Changes in the altitude of the stratosphere.
      ALSO, AS expected: An energy imbalance-the earth is receiving more energy than it emits (Hansen 2005) Verified.
      every monthly compilation of energy readings registers the same imbalance
      increasing energy staying within the earth’s atmosphere rather than escaping to space.
      (These findings are verified by detailed satellite data from 3 different nation’s satellites)
      Poleward movement of the jet streams
      SOURCE: (Archer 2008)
      SOURCE: (Seidel 2007)
      SOURCE: (Fu 2006)
      The 270 Largest Fresh Water Lakes in the world are ALL rising in temperatures, TWICE as fast as the atmosphere.
      Algae Blooms and mass fish die-offs have doubled.
      Flooding Rain Events have far more than doubled. (Regional Flooding Rains have tripled )
      Deserts world wide are expanding.
      The Number of droughts has more than doubled AND the Square Miles affected have more than doubled.
      Heat Waves have more than Doubled.
      The world is greening, primarily at higher altitudes on mountains and in far northern/Southern latitudes
      & far southern lattitudes as snow is replaced by vegitation. So let’s remember that Snow/Ice Reflects I.R. Heat back to space
      but vegitation absorbs MORE heat on Earth.

      "....Robin Bell, an Antarctic researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Institute at Columbia University who was not involved in the study. “Who had heard of rain in Antarctica — it is a desert!....”

      " Our ability to analyze and adapt is what makes humans the dominant species on the planet.
      Spitting on that, is spitting on what makes us, us !

      Fewer than a Dozen Coastal cities experience tidal flooding issues in the US in the 1950’s…”….already, more than 90 coastal communities in the United States are battling chronic flooding, meaning the kind of flooding that’s so unmanageable it prompts people to move away.
      That number is expected to roughly double to more than 170 communities in less than 20 years.
      In the 70s,
      when scientists told us that CFCs used in aerosol sprays and refrigeration had punched a hole in the Ozone Layer
      & their continued use would render the planet uninhabitable to humans,
      we listened and A VERY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN banned them.
      The hole is closing and we’re safe from a world poisoned by ultraviolet radiation.
      HUMANS can correct CLIMATE CHANGES they have caused.


      The Skeptic INVENTOR of the:”Global Warming Pause” “Global Warming Hiatus” (both of which he said, really mean slow down. Not a stop)
      Skeptic Dr. Roy Spencer is NOW LECTURING “not to claim that there is no warming.”…”there clearly has been warming”

      “….a group of researchers found sea level rise was only about 1.1 millimeters per year before 1990,
      whereas in the period between 1993 through 2012 it was 3.1 millimeters per year. N
      ASA, TODAY, puts the rate of sea level rise at 3.4 millimeters per year….”

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        BRAVO Comrade Drewski!!!
        You are on your way to creating a War and Peace length screed!

        Thank you Mr. Left Wing Loony Cut & Paste! You perfectly illustrate the unhinged and disconnected atmosphere of the desperate eco-left.

        I predict that in another 30 years people will be playing back these lunatic Al Gore “altar calls” just to have a good laugh and amaze that so many people fell to their knees for this craziness.

        Drew, if Reverend Al soon demands that you drink purple Kool Aid think twice!

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    Spurwing Plover


    A CONVENT EXCUSE to expand the Useless Nations Gore is a cook and con-man and his poem sucks

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    BTW, Don’t you love the way leftists use the word “Truth” in nearly every title they compose about MMGW? As if merely saying the word makes it so. Instant credibility!

    In similar fashion, the list of liberal-written legislation with the title words “for women and children” gratuitously tossed in is always a favorite – even if the legislation has nothing whatsoever to do with women and children.

    If you don’t support the legislation, you must then hate women and children. If you don’t buy Al’s latest hysteria, you don’t know the truth…

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