Warmist fear-mongers go after women and apologetic husbands

Now that the “end of snow” has proven to be a bust, warmist fear-mongers are going low and attacking the tranquility of marital relations.

The global warming con game has not delivered on the apocalyptic predictions that scared people into support of more government power over the economy.  Remember the “end of snow”?

Because warmism is a scientific theory based on computer models that lack hard data support and therefore fabricates (“adjusts”) actual temperatures to make them appear to conform to the theory, all the Warmists needed to do was fiddle with their models and rebrand it as “climate change” to claim that “global warming can mean harsher winter weather.”

Now that little children don’t have to worry about lost opportunities to build snowmen, it is time to strike fear using other hot-button worries, targeted to hit people emotionally, to threaten things that they hold dear.

And they have gone for broke, holding hostage a substance that seems to be the key to romance, even happiness, for a segment of the population. Certain to strike fear into the hearts of apologetic men everywhere, via the UK Sun:

CHOCOLATE could run out in the next thirty years because the crop will be harder to grow in a warming climate, experts have warned.

The cacao tree – from which we get cocoa beans – thrives only in humid rainforest-like conditions close to the equator.

But the fragile plant is under threat from diseases and a changing climate that will suck moisture from the soil and make it impossible to produce a good crop in many regions around the world by 2050.

“Could” means maybe not. And plant diseases are a separate issue from temperature but are deliberately conflated with purportedly warming temperatures.

The doomsayers ignore the possibility that if temperatures rise, more areas will be able to grow cacao. Instead, they pretend that only the current producers can grow it:

Farmers will be forced to move crops to higher ground, but there is limited space and many upland areas are protected for wildlife.

If the Warmists really believe that global warming is our fate, they could help the enterprising farmers of Minnesota change from corn, soybeans, and wheat to growing cacao.

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    Spurwing Plover


    More of this Malarkey i mean according to the silly enviromental predictions from the late 60’s and Ear;u 70’s this Planet was suppost to be a dead rock in space orbiting 3rd outward from its sun or that earth was going to be all flooded as was shown in Keven Kosners big stinkeroo Waterworld


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    We were going to run out of coffee ,too. Vietnam saw an opportunity. Problem solved.


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