U.S. Summers Are Getting Much Cooler

Every single metric shows that summer maximum temperatures are cooling in the U.S. and that heatwaves are becoming shorter, less intense and covering a smaller area.

Climate scientists say the exact opposite of the data because they are consultants being paid to push the global warming scam.

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    Climate change is not about climate. It’s all about controlling the conversation and creating an atmosphere of urgency. It’s Progressivism

    The threat now is not one charismatic individual leading the
    willing to destruction. It is the creation of a mindset of the willing who have taken up the cause. Climate change is just the primary idol we are to worship but the true agenda of the priests presenting this false god is based in progressivism.

    They are more than eager to confabulate, mis-direct, dilute or lie about ANYTHING that advances progressivism. They have corrupted governance, education and are daily communicating a cancer of feel good noble PC rhetoric
    (disguised as science etc..) to swelling ranks of willing acolytes who know not why they believe. But they do believe.
    Where is the funding coming from? Government. Governments across the globe.


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    Spurwing Plover


    The fact that the liberal rag TIME has lied big time about Climate Change way back in the 1970’s they along with NEWSWEEK was blabbering on about Global Cooling and a New Ice Age just as much as they were blabbering about Global Warming. This has nothing at all to do with the Climate its all about controling the masses through fear and idiotic Carbon Tax and of con men like Al Gore,Leonardo DiCaprio,David Suzuki,Luarie David selling their snake oil to the gullibul liberal snowflakes

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