Renowned Princeton Physicist Schools New York Times Science Journalist On CO2 Science!

Renowned Princeton physicist William Happer told New York Times science journalist Andrew Revkin in an online video conference that he believes the world has got it all wrong when it comes to the implications of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere.

Happer told Revkin that “any dispassionate weighing of the facts would give you a negative cost of carbon” and that “more CO2 is good for the world“.

Moreover Happer believes that the whole climate issue has “distracted people from real problems” like massive pollution in places like China and India.

Happer adds that he thinks “enormous damage has been done to the environment by diverting money from real problems to completely made up problems.”

He tells the New York Times journalist that he absolutely sees CO2 as a “non-problem” and that he even sees the trace gas “as good“. He reiterates: “Let me be clear: It think it’s not a problem. I think it’s a good thing.”

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    Steven C.


    Harper makes some excellent points here. And arguing for more atmospheric CO2 is commendable because it references the progressive greening of the earth (and improved agricultural output) we’ve seen over the last 30 years or so.

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    Now who you going to believe William Happer or Al Gore ?
    Mr. Happer believes in the scientific method and that CO2 is actually beneficial to the earth .
    The Gores of this world rely on most of the general public to be even more scientifically illiterate than they are. Preaching mumbo jumbo that a scientist like Mr. Happer and others of his calibre would reduce to rubbish if the earth has a fever promoters would come out of hiding . Instead they do everything they can to try and silence science with bully tactics like the” science is settled “. They don’t want to debate anything because they have absolutely nothing to gain . Who would they put forward Al Gore or mini Al with a combined scientific education is what maybe Grade 11 ?
    Now a Senior Management NOAA whistle-blower comes forward to explain how NOAA made weather fudge and every year the alarmist scary prophesies turn out to be completely false .
    Climate changes , it’s warming thankfully and humans play an almost immeasurable roll . Many real environmental challenges exist so let’s not waste $$Trillions on a non issue .

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    Mike Cross


    A key fact that must be publicised is that in his movie Gore actually airbrushed a NSA image of the earth to inbcrease the number of CYCLLONIC storms. what the idiot didn’t realise is that 1. Northern atlantic hurricanes and southern pacific cyclones rotate in ooposite directions due to the coriolis force and 2. the equatorial belt has zero cyclonic storms fo the same reason his false storms are obviously so…this should go with climate gate, NOAAs temp data corruption and Mann’s hockey stick etc to summarise the corruption of the warmists

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