In 2016, 328,000 Poor German Families Had Power Shut Off…Millions More At Risk!

Germany’s energy poverty is about to get worse, as poor people are threatened with being put out in the cold by the country’s green energies.

Electricity prices “higher than they have ever been”

German news weekly Stern here reports that “electricity prices will rise further at the start of the year” and that “there is no relief in sight with electricity prices”.

According to the Verivox-consumer price index, the price of electricity for a “representative household” with three persons and an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt-hours was 28.20 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour in 2017, some 0.77 cents more than a year earlier, Stern reports. “At the end of the current year power was never so expensive.”

On January 1, 2018, the mean price will rise to 28.44 cents a kilowatt-hour.

German electricity prices are among the world’s highest, and are in large part directly due to the country’s shoddily executed Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) and EEG feed-in act, which mandates that highly unstable, inefficient and expensive wind and solar energy be force-fed into the power grid in place of fossil-fuel generated electricity.

The rising prices of German electricity are another blow to lower-income families and the poor.

Meanwhile rich land and property owners who have the luxury of leasing the space for installing wind and solar systems are making money by the fistful.

Social critics have called the scheme “the biggest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top ever.”

328,000 saw their power cut off in 2016

Citing the German Grid Agency, German aid organization Caritas here reports of 328,000 “carried out power disconnections” and over 6 million threatened power service cut-offs in 2016.

In cooperation with the ZEW (Centre for European Economics), Caritas determined in a survey that it is poor households who are the hardest hit.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Eco-Radicals and deep ecologists like Dave Foreman(Founder of Earth First)and some freak calling themself Screaming Wolf would rather see people die off becuase they think their too many people and not enough spotted Owls,Flower Loving Flies,Blunt nosed Leopard Lizards,Kangaroo Rats,and Delta Smelt


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    Do warmist jerks like
    give a shit ?

    No they don’t because they’re so
    self absorbed in their


    That the fact facts don’t matter
    Logic doesn’t matter
    Reason doesn’t matter

    The only thing that is worthy of thought
    is their quasi-religious adherence to the mystical

    Anthropogenic Greenhouse Effect Warming Experience.

    Pass the dope
    so we can all experience it

    Enjoy It.


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    In Ontario, privately-owned solar panels sell power to the grid for 60 cents (cdn) per kilowatt hour, give or take, depending on when they signed up.
    The same owner buys power from Ontario Hydro at the going rate. Nobody knows what that is! It’s buried somewhere.
    Anyhoo, there was a solar farmer who outperformed all others, so he was paid a visit.
    He had hooked up lights, pointed at his solar panels. He has a future in government, I’d say.


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