Newsweek July 11, 1988: Danger: More Fake News Ahead

After James Hansen’s 1988 testimony to Congress where he and Senator Tim Worth sabotaged the air conditioning system, Newsweek announced that Americans were doomed by the heat – due to a 0.00005-mole fraction increase in atmospheric CO2 since 1900. They said this tiny increase atmospheric CO2 was like living in a glass dome.

US summer afternoon temperatures have been plummeting for a century, and 1988 was the last hot summer the US had. Four years later in 1992 was the coldest summer on record in the US.

The frequency of 90 degree days has plummeted since that Newsweek issue was published.

The frequency of 95 degree days has plummeted since that Newsweek issue was published.

The frequency of 100 degree days has plummeted in the US over the past century.

The frequency of 105 degree days has plummeted in the US over the past century.

There is zero evidence backing up the theory that increased CO2 is making summers hotter, yet the press claims that 97% of scientists agree on this topic. It is all fake news, all the time from the US press. They simply move from one lie to another.

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    Spurwing Plover


    James Hansen is a totaly fake scientists more interested in politics and money then in any real science and Newsreek just like SLIME(TIME)magazine produces attention getting front covers just to get suckers to subcribe to their liberal rags just like with other liberal rags like PEOPLE and ROLLINGSTONE

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    Why buy old news ? You can’t blame them for their sensation journalism really but the scary global warming con -game is done .
    Climate changes , it’s in a long term warming cycle that humans
    have virtually no ability to control despite the fantasy of the earth has a fever promoters .
    The big question will be how did the climate con -job ever get traction ? Perhaps it’s just human nature that people like a big scary story to focus their anxiety . If no wars , starvation or other major threats we just make them up as therapy and to sell stuff of course .
    Why not a fat tax exchange with offsets and calorie trading ?
    After all wouldn’t the world be better off if everyone was skinny ?

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      They were lying then and they are lying now
      They KNEW they were lying then and
      They Know they were lying then and they know

      I will cut them no slack
      They are treacherous lying b#sT#rds
      who have LIED to shape American thought and
      influence American elections.

      If the current Russian hack investigation is warranted
      then there should be a full out frontal assault on the

      NYT, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and nearly countless others
      of the MSM cabal for their
      in American elections.

      Call out the democrats and their
      PROPOGANDIST conspirators .

      Call out the propagandist liars for what they are
      demand they re-pay the American people for the cost of their


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