Technical Problems …Two More Huge German Offshore Wind Parks Cut Off From Grid!

wind farmGood thing Germany still has reliable sources of energy, such coal and nuclear power, online. Otherwise the citizens would find themselves sitting in the dark and seeing their food spoiling away in fridges and freezers.

More reports are out that Germany’s string of problems surrounding its ambitious installation of offshore wind parks has been extended once again.

North German online news site (NWZ) reports there is “no longer a connection” to two North Sea windparks due to “a faulty transmission cable”.

According to the NWZ, the 135-kilometer Dolwin 2 cable runs from the North Sea to the North German coast and ends in the Emsland town of Dörpen. Engineers suspect the fault is somewhere onshore.

Dolwin 2 cable delivers power from wind parks Godewind 1 and 2, which are operated by Danish energy company Dong. The two wind parks comprise 97 wind turbines and have a rated capacity of 582 megawatts, the NWZ reports.

According to NWZ, grid operator Tennet blames Swedish engineering giant and cable manufacturer ABB for the problems. Currently ABB has not been able to identify the source of the problem and the power interruption is expected to cost (consumers) millions.

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