Leo DiCaprio: Polluted, Coal-Burning China Is An Environmental ‘Hero’

dicaprioFrom the ‘I’ll have what he’s smoking Dept.’, James Delingpole breaks it all down so you don’t have to:”

Leonardo DiCaprio says China could end up as the “hero of the environmental movement” for its work in combating climate change.

To which the only sane response is: “A pipeful of whatever it is that Mr DiCaprio is smoking, waiter. And be spry about it!”

DiCaprio was speaking at an event to promote his ursine rape movie The Revenant in Beijing, where he claimed:

“As we all know, the United States and China are the two biggest contributors, and I think that China has made radical movements forward as far as alternative energy and ways to be sustainable.”

What DiCaprio was clearly demonstrating here is that his knowledge of the Chinese economy is at least as impressive of his understanding of Canadian weather phenomena. (See: DiCaprio Now Officially A Joke In Canada).

If only DiCaprio were a regular Breitbart reader, he would be aware that China has absolutely no intention of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions just to please Western environmentalist movie stars with IQs smaller than their shoe size ‚Äì as we reported here.

China sees it as a brilliant opportunity to fleece the gullible gwailo for as much money as it can, to burnish its international image by making all the right green noises, and to blackmail the West into providing it with free technology.

But it has no intention whatsoever of sacrificing economic growth by reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. That’s why China has repeatedly lied to the West about its real carbon dioxide output.

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