Leo DiCaprio Is Having Another Fossil-Fueled Party To Celebrate How Green He Is

dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio’s foundation is holding its third environmental July 20 gala in France to raise money for environmental awareness efforts, global warming research and conservation efforts.

DiCaprio’s organization, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation — which has a stated goal of protecting “the world’s last wild places” — raised $40 million during last year’s gala, and has donated more than $45 million dollars since its inception in 1998, according to the Daily Mail.

Other big names who will presumably traveling to the event in their own private jets include: Cate Blanchett, Pen√©lope Cruz, Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We’ve decimated our forests, wildlands, polluted and over fished our rivers and oceans; all the key ecosystems that not only serve as a home to our planet’s biodiversity, but also make life here for us possible.” DiCaprio said at last years event, “I’m incredibly proud to be part of a night that will allow us to do so much to protect the planet.”

This isn’t unusual for DiCaprio, in May the Oscar winning actor took his private jet on an 8,000 mile round trip from France to NY and back to receive an environmental award, for which he received plenty of flack.

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    It doesn’t seem to faze Dicaprio that he is seen by many as a self important elitist hypocrite. He doesn’t likely even notice us little peons.

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