Latest Fraud From Heidi Cullen

Nobody is more consistent and cynical with their climate fraud than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Now they are claiming that summer is lasting longer in Minneapolis, based on a trend started during the ice age scare in 1970.

A look at the NOAA USHCN data shows that Minnesota stations (including Minneapolis) are trending towards an earlier last day over 80°F (blue bars.)

But, as always, the story gets much worse. The frequency of 80-degree and 90-degree days in Minnesota has plummeted over the past century.

Almost everything Heidi Cullen publishes is deceptive, and she wants to de-certify any meteorologist who refuses to go along with her fraud.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

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    Spurwing Plover


    The state bird of Minnasota maybe a Loon but its still got more common sense then dose a bunch of university trained idiots working for Big Brother

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    Would love to post all the links to the September and October snow storms that have happened in recent years (and they’re called “rare”). South Dakota had one very early October blizzard. Killed a lot of cattle. Something like 40+” of snow. (Scroll down for photos and video) That was 2013. A year later, NE and SD were getting their earliest snows ever
    “September snow blanketed parts of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, northern Colorado and western Nebraska, downing trees and set early snow records in some locations, 11 days before summer officially ends.
    Thursday morning brought the earliest measurable snow on record to Rapid City, South Dakota, where 1.6 inches was officially measured at the National Weather Service office.
    Rapid City has now had two of its three all-time heaviest snowstorms and its record earliest snow all in a 19-month span since early April 2013. Winter Storm Atlas buried the High Plains in several feet of wind-driven snow in early October 2013.”

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