Hillary’s New Book Glosses Over One Crucial Fact About Her Decision Not To Propose A Carbon Tax

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new book claims her presidential campaign never proposed a tax on carbon dioxide emissions because they “couldn’t make the math work” to keep costs down.

That’s a very different story than what was suggested in leaked emails between Clinton campaign officials. Those emails suggested polling influenced the campaign’s decision on a carbon tax.

“To be clear: it’s lethal in the general, so I don’t want to support one,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in a June 2015 email to press secretary Brian Fallon.

Clinton’s book “What Happened,” set for release Tuesday, is the former First Lady’s own version of why she believes President Donald Trump was able to beat her in the 2016 election.

Clinton, unsurprisingly, lays most of the blame on factors like sexism and Russian meddling, but her book also includes a passage on why her campaign did not join Democratic primary opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in endorsing a carbon tax.

“Interestingly, some Republican elder statesmen such as former U.S. Treasury Secretaries James Baker and Hank Paulson recently proposed a nationwide carbon dividend program that would tax fossil fuel use and refund all the money directly to every American,” Clinton wrote in her book.

“We looked at this for the campaign as well, but couldn’t make the math work without imposing new costs on upper-middle-class families, which I had pledged not to do. Still, it’s tantalizing,” wrote Clinton, according to a copy of the book obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

But that seems to gloss over on a key point made by Clinton campaign officials — a carbon tax didn’t poll well.

“We have done extensive polling on a carbon tax. It all sucks,” Clinton campaign chair John Podesta wrote in a January 2015 email to campaign aides. It was one of the thousands of emails leaked by Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential election.

Center for American Progress senior fellow Pete Ogden authored several memos for the Clinton campaign in 2014 and 2015 that included the economics of carbon tax policies.

A March 2015 memo looked at a gradually rising $42 per ton carbon tax-and-dividend plan where revenues are handed out to American families in the form of rebates. Families would pay an extra $1,300 in energy costs a year, on average, but would get a $1,573 rebate.

Ogden wrote “the increase in the cost of non-energy goods and services would disproportionately impact low-income households,” and would need to be offset by energy rebates.

“I don’t recall any polling to guide us, but I’d be a bit nervous about rushing to say we’d never support such a tax,” Mook wrote in the June email. “Bernie I assume DOES support such a tax and it could be fodder for him if we say unequivocally now that we don’t support one.”

“To be clear: it’s lethal in the general, so I don’t want to support one,” Mook wrote. “But don’t want to give Bernie contrast right now. So if there’s a way to restate principles and say she’ll announce something in the next few weeks, that would be great.”

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    I’m amazed so many tidbits are known about HillRee’s book.
    Whose buying it ?
    The same people who attend Mikey Moor’s Broadway flop ?
    Whatever happened to :

    ” Don’t buy books from Crooks “

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    Spurwing Plover


    Al Bore wrote a book ASSUALT ON REASON which proves he is as delerious as he always has been just lie all liberal wackos who write books its just then get the tile wrong Bill Clintons book should have been MY LIES,Obamas SCREAMS of my FATHER,Hilllarys IT TAKES A VILLAGE OF IDIOTS,Al Bores EARTH IN THE UNBALANCED,Etc just remember conservative books still outsell liberal books

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    “Hillary’s New Book Glosses Over One Crucial Fact………” Just one!?!?

    “What Happened” Oh my gosh………does it really get to the nut of WHAT HAPPENED”?

    Come on! This is Hillary for crying out loud and this book is just a knob polishing collective of lies.

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    The Democrats knew a carbon tax was political Kryptonite so they down played it and would have pulled the same sleezy move the
    Liberal Party in British Columbia pulled with their “tax neutral ”
    scheme hatched by the academic losers at Simon Fraser University .
    In British Columbia’s case it didn’t take long and the money was going into general revenue to be blown by the latest socialist government . No pretence that the origin carbon tax scheme has been trashed for naked tax grabbing knowing full well the earth’s temperature wasn’t effected one bit by a carbon tax .
    No question the bag men for the Democrats were pushing for a great big fat carbon tax and if the Democrats do get into
    power they will impose one . Guaranteed . With Al Gore as a Democrat pompom cheerleader is there any doubt what was about to happen .
    Let’s see;
    Pay to play Clinton Foundation
    Firing Coal Miners
    And Bill on your team what could go wrong .
    Sad when even ballot stuffing couldn’t save the Clinton train wreck .
    She will run again . Count on it .

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    Spurwing Plover


    Look out its Atilla the Hen

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