EU Energy Ministers Back Coal and Wood Burning

Most of Europe new “green” power has actually come from burning wood in converted coal power stations.

The forests of North Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi — as well as those in Europe — are being destroyed to sustain a European fantasy about renewable energy. –Fred Pearce, Yale Environment 360, 19 December 2017

EU coal-fired power plants could benefit from capacity payments through 2030 if a negotiating position agreed by EU energy ministers on a draft EU electricity market design regulation makes it into the final binding version. Platts, 19 December 2017

Polish state-controlled energy company Enea on Tuesday inaugurated Europe’s largest coal-fired power unit, at a time when other nations want to shift away from greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels. Coal and lignite account for around 90 percent of Polish energy production. “The new unit will increase the energy security of Poland and the Polish people, which is an economic and political priority for our country,” said new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. AFP, 20 December 2017

Before these things fade into the memory hole, bring back to mind a few of the wildly incompetent policies of the previous administration.…It wasn’t that long ago. In his second inaugural address in January 2013, Obama declared that “no challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Then, over the next couple of years, he ramped up the claimed “challenge” of climate change from mere “greatest threat to future generations” to an “immediate threat to national security.” —Manhattan Contrarian, 19 December 2017

BP’s return to the solar sector, as a developer of solar power stations, rather than a manufacturer of panels, is further evidence that the renewable sector, even at its most potentially interesting, is less a technology business and more the securing of entitlements to land development rights, grid connection, market infeed and supported or guaranteed income. Bluntly, it is rent-seeking. GWPF Energy, 18 December 2017

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    I can still remember all this Save the Rain Forests bull twaddle being wiped out at the size of ten city blocks or that they are the Lungs of the Earth(Only if your into this Gaia poppycock)i don’t want the Rain Forests to disappear i want to Eco-Wackos to Get Lost

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