DiCaprio’s ‘Before The Flood’ Drowns in Sea of Green Hypocrisy

dicaprio-btfLeonardo DiCaprio claims his new film will illustrate the dangers of climate change.

Before the Flood is a new “documentary” that chronicles DiCaprio’s carbon-spewing journey across the planet, where he relies on natural disasters to prove that global warming is occurring and catastrophic.

The Oscar-winning actor speaks to scientists, politicians, and academics who provide dramatic soundbites about man-made global warming, but he fails to include a single quote from the thousands of scientists, politicians, and academics who vehemently disagree with these soundbites.

The United Nations has made frequent use of the Hollywood star in an effort to demonize fossil fuel use. The result? DiCaprio’s new film is something the actor claims will “scare the hell” out of people.

But the only thing more likely to scare audiences is the aw-shucks, privileged dilettante who says he’s just a “normal guy” like everybody else. In reality, DiCaprio is a party boy who loves his carbon-emitting playthings as much as he enjoys preaching the global warming gospel. It’s a skill he acquired from Al Gore, after a 1998 visit to the White House. Shortly thereafter, he formed the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to address environmental concerns.

The documentary comes at a curious time, since DiCaprio and his foundation are caught up in a scandal that has launched calls for him to step down from his post as a “U.N. Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change.”

His foundation has allegedly received millions of embezzled dollars from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund—called 1Malaysia Development Berhad (or 1MDB)—as payment for his starring in and producing The Wolf of Wall Street, a film about an unscrupulous stockbroker. DiCaprio now says he will return the money, but that may prove difficult given that his “donor-advised fund” is attached to the billion-dollar California Community Foundation.

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    Another Creepy Climate Clown story from the climate fear industry . People will continue to want waterfront property and climate will change as it has for over 4 billion years .
    Natural climate variables like the energy from the Sun are the real climate drivers not a trace gas essential to life representing a fraction of 1 % of the atmosphere .
    How are the charges proceeding with the proceeds of crime caper ? Going to pay it back ? How kind .
    People don’t respect hypocrite blow hards .

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