Arctic Alarmists Facing Imminent Meltdown

Even as climate alarmists lie to the public about Polar Bears, Arctic sea ice extent is growing very rapidly and closing in fast on the 1981-2010 mean.

Dec 1   Dec 13


Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

The volume of sea ice is up 15% from ten years ago.

2007   2017

The summer minimum extent is up from ten years ago.


Greenland’s surface has been gaining ice at near record rates for the last two years.

Meanwhile, desperate climate alarmists ramp up their lies at record rates, hoping to fool the public and continue extorting money from governments.

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    Spurwing Plover


    A ice Free Arctic Right Al Bore? you told all us that the arctic would be Ice Free by now Yeah Sure Woo Hoo Bore now give back the Nobel Prize and the Oscar take up living in a Mud Hut with open no glass windows a door made from pine needles and no fire to keep you warm these cold snowy winter nights and invite Leonardo DiCaprio and Laurie David to spend the winter with you

  • Podemos Pseudociencia – Libertario


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