Al Roker Uses Weather Report to Get on Climate Change Soapbox

roker_alOn Tuesday’s NBC Today, Al Roker used an 8 a.m. ET hour weather report to mount his climate change soapbox and issue a dire warning to viewers: “Well, it has been a really hot year and it just continues. 15 consecutive months of record warmth, global temperatures….But look what happens if we project out to 2050, look at how much further you start to see that deep red of 50-plus days above 100.”

The weather map on screen displayed statistics from the climate change activist group Climate Central. Roker continued with the doomsday predictions: “And by 2100, New York City could see, on average, 16 days above 100 degrees. Atlanta could be looking at 39 days over 100 degrees for a year. In Chicago, 26 days of 100-plus. Dallas would see 98 days.” He then called for action: “And Las Vegas, by 2100, 138 days a year of 100-plus temperatures if we don’t do something to change this outcome.”

NBC has routinely seized on weather events to push the climate change agenda over the years. In 2013, Roker could not hide his disgust over a poll showing people were skeptical of the meteorological theory: “But 37 percent said, 37 percent of these people don’t believe in global warming! They think it’s a hoax….Okay, two words: Superstorm Sandy!”

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    Al Roker… Leonardo DiCaprio… Bill Nye… Al Gore… “science” at its best.

    Hucksters, pitchmen, and politicians – because this science doesn’t speak for itself.

    Whenever mankind has faced REAL scientific crisis in the last century, such as polio, AIDs, toxic pollution, etc, we didn’t need this kind of non-stop political posturing and grandstanding to convince anyone that the problem even existed!

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    “Could” see…”Could” see….”Could” see…. Threat or prediction? Is he trying for false prophet of the year?

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    Oh what a scary story . What does he propose to control the earth’s thermostat ?
    More money for “renewables ” ? How about taxing the poor even more to put those hard working people crawling out of poverty back where they come from ?
    How about exporting jobs by following the Democrat plan to “shut down fossil fuel ‘ .
    Al Joker more like it . Never describes how he did his act . The fewer the facts the stronger the opinions . If Bill Nye wants to know why the climate fear industry is deflating like a circus tent this is a perfect example .

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