2017 : The Year Without An Intelligent Climate Scientist

In February, the Washington Post announced that 2017 was the year without a winter in the Northeast US, because it was too warm. They said spring had arrived early.

‘Fast-forward spring’: America’s February warmth is extreme, and it’s just getting started – The Washington Post

This week, Mashable said the exact opposite and declared 2017 to be the year without a spring in the Northeast US because it was too cold.

And they threw in that heatwaves are getting much worse because of global warming.

Tens of millions will roast in first major U.S. heat wave of the season

Apparently cold is the new hot, and gibberish from climate experts is the new normal. June heatwaves in the DC area are becoming much less common and much shorter than they were 100 years ago.

The forecast high today in the DC area is 94 degrees. On this date in 1902, it was 100 degrees, with every day except one above 90 degrees during the first half of June 1902.

Summer maximum temperatures in the US have plummeted since the 1930’s.

And the frequency of hot summer days has also plummeted in the US since the 1930’s.

There is zero indication that heatwaves are getting worse. The data shows the exact opposite. So how do these fraudulent studies get through peer review and into the press?

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    Spurwing Plover


    Samehow is just crack-pot coming up with some phonie study which will become a top fake news story and perhaps printed by leftists rags like TIME,PEOPLE,ROLLINGSTONE and USA TODAY as well as in the major news rags and the talking heads as well as the various eco-freak groups and celberty backers

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    Unattributed data (your graphs) has been noted as propaganda.

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