The Left’s Assault On Our Values

dem agsIn yesterday’s report, I told you how congressional liberals were attacking the Second Amendment. (They’re still at it. Anti-gun politicians staged a sit-in on the House floor [Wednesday] morning demanding votes on gun control legislation.) Now I want to tell you about the left’s ongoing assault on the First Amendment.


Meanwhile, another First Amendment controversy has been brewing, this one related to free speech. A number of left-wing state attorneys general are attempting to prosecute global warming skeptics for fraud. They are using the brute force of big government to shut down the debate.

Thankfully, this overreach is getting serious pushback. Last week, more than a dozen conservative state attorneys general publicly warned that if climate change skeptics could be prosecuted for fraud, so could global warming alarmists like Al Gore, whose wild predictions have never panned out.

Not long ago, the left was panicking about the coming ice age, not to mention global famine caused by overpopulation and “peak oil.” I’d say the right has a far stronger case to make when it comes to prosecuting environmentalist fraud.

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