Columbia J-School Grants Billionaire-Backed Media Outlet Major Prize For Smearing Exxon

exxonColumbia University’s journalism school foisted an award Thursday upon the environmental media outlet thrashing ExxonMobil over its internal research on global warming.

The Ivy league school gave InsideClimateNews its 2016 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism despite the fact that both Columbia University and InsideClimate’s chief benefactor, the billionaire Rockefeller Family Fund, colluded with several other economists to take down Exxon.

InsideClimate received the reward for publishing a series of article called “Exxon: The Road Not Taken.” 

The award carries with it a $5,000 prize, and is typically granted to publications for reporting on environmental issues that impact the world to some degree. The media outlet has received praise from all manner of academic groups, including the panelists determining Pulitzer Prize awards. InsideClimate News made the list in April as one of the media outlets deserving the prize.

The 2016 Pulitzer Prize awards ended up going to news sources such as the Associated Press, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and the Washington Post, were all awarded the prize for various reports on slavery in Southeast Asia, as well as gathering data to show every killing by a police officer in 2015. InsideClimate New came away empty handed.

Environmentalists and representatives with RFF, the group bankrolling InsideClimate News, met at the group’s office building to discuss ways to have legal authorities target Exxon for fraud, among other charges, according to an April 13 report from the Wall Street Journal.

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    Some of us are old enough to remember a time when students attended school and became journalists to seek out and report the news. Aiding an informed electorate, providing the public with contrasts and perspectives, and uncovering institutional wrongdoing – these were all noble ambitions of aspiring journalists.

    Now students attend J-school as an outlet for their personal activism (of which 90%+ is leftist). Their goal is no longer to report the news, but to influence society by whatever means are necessary.

    As a result, through control of the media (and our system of higher education), the left is able to manipulate propaganda and narrowly win many elections, even though far fewer Americans self-identify as liberal verses conservative. This is exactly how famous propagandists of other regimes have proposed to rule with a minority…

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    The global warming industry collusion to fabricate information and out right lie is
    done in large part to effectively steal money from tax payers and charity donors .
    Exaggerated claims based on incomplete science is done to facilitate one of the largest frauds in history .
    Climate changes as always . No one pretends to be able to control natural occurring climate variables. Anyone that doesn’t think natural occurring climate variables run the climate show are the real Deniers .
    As a former student member of Greenpeace I understand the draw but please question EVERYTHING .
    warmer and cooler temperatures .

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      Very interesting Amber the part about Greenpeace. Although not a member myself, I was sympathetic of some of their stated concerns when I was young and vulnerable. I believed that any number of calamities were assured within ten or twenty years if we didn’t take action NOW!…

      …None of those calamities occurred of course, but in the meantime billions of fundraising dollars were solicited and turned over to left wing political organizations who often funded causes that did more damage than good for the very people they claimed to be protecting.

      Con men are full of stated good intentions.

      We get too soon old, and too late smart…

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