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The Undeniable “Consensus” is That There is an Overwhelming Liberal Media Bias

For all their talk about “inclusion,” “equality,” “fairness,” “diversity,” and “equal opportunity,” the liberals may talk the talk, but they certainly don’t walk the walk. This kind of extreme bias is also seen regarding the staffing of our colleges and universities. While the “consensus” regarding climate change is debatable, the bias of the press is undeniable.

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Former Official: Trump Is ‘Going To Go Farther’ Than Reagan In Cutting EPA

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official believes the Trump administration will go even further than the Reagan administration in terms of curbing the agency’s power over the economy.

“It looks like Pruitt and the Congress and this administration are undoing EPA and their regulations,” Jovita Pajarillo, the former assistant director of EPA Region 9’s water division, told Business Insider Sunday.

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Ex-Trump Official Thinks White House Must Move Quicker On Climate Reg Rollback

Pruitt at EPA

The former head of President Donald Trump’s energy transition team said during a private meeting last month that Scott Pruitt’s political ambitions could potentially put him into conflict with the White House’s energy policies.

Pruitt is a “clever lawyer” whose “political ambition” may distract him from taking on time-consuming efforts like challenging the endangerment finding, Myron Ebell, who headed Trump’s transition team for the agency, said at a conservative conference in April.

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Climate Depot’s New ‘Talking Points’ Report: A-Z Debunking of Climate Claims

Click to view PDFnewly released report “How to Talk Climate Change Issues 2017” offering a virtual A-Z debunking of the climate claims heard by climate activists and the media.

Read Full report Here:

The “Talking Points Memo,” by Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot, is a complete skeptics’ guide for elected officials, media and the public on how to discuss global warming backed up by dozens of citations to peer-reviewed research.

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Trump pulled in three directions on Paris climate deal as decision looms

Remember DiCaprio’s bromance with Obama?

After months of delays, President Trump faces a self-imposed deadline to decide the future of U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Accords after taking stock of the deal during his first trip abroad this week.

The president’s aides, his Cabinet members and foreign leaders have pulled Trump in conflicting directions on the climate deal, which former President Barack Obama helped negotiate at the United Nations in 2015. The 195-nation pact aimed to prevent the increase in global warming from climbing more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and committed the U.S. to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions by somewhere between 26 and 28 percent before 2025.

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New Paper: Geothermal Heat A Leading Driver Of Surface Temperatures

Heat Flux From Below Melts Ice Sheets, Drives Temperatures & CO2 Variations

Image: Smellie, 2012                                                                Image: Newton, 2008

It has long been established in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that naturally-driven fluctuations in the Earth’s surface temperature preceded the rise and fall of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations for at least the last 800,000 years.

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Leaked Memo Details Exactly How Trump Wants To Slash EPA’s Budget

A leaked budget memo gives a detailed list of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs the White House will ask Congress to cut or eliminate altogether.

The memo, obtained by the National Association of Clean air Agencies, lays out line-by-line where President Donald Trump will cut to fund a $54 billion in defense spending. In total, EPA’s Trump recommends cutting EPA’s budget nearly $2.6 billion.

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Obama Speaks on Global Warming, Then Spews CO2 With Private Jet, 13-Car Motorcade

Current President Donald Trump may be living it up in Saudi Arabia, but former President Barack Obama certainly isn’t slacking off on the sweet life.

Obama and his wife Michelle are in Italy this week on vacation, after the former President spoke to the Institute for International Political Studies in Milan on the importance of addressing climate change, to preserve the world’s food supply and protect its underprivileged.

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Windfarms blamed after three whales die off Suffolk

(h/t GWPF) Three whales that washed up on the Suffolk coast may have died after becoming disorientated by offshore windfarms, marine experts believe.

The coastguard received reports of a minke whale calf that had become separated from its mother on Friday night. By the next afternoon, it had been found dead at the mouth of the River Ore and its mother was found washed up near Felixstowe. Yesterday another dead adult was seen off the Harwich coast. They are likely to have come from the same pod meaning that an entire family could have been lost.

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