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Enviros Celebrate Hundreds Of Workers Losing Jobs As A Victory In ‘War On Coal’

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his Sierra Club allies are celebrating the closure of three Texas coal-fired power plants, calling the laying off of hundreds of workers as a victory in the “war on coal.”

“Passing the 50 percent mark ahead of schedule — and during a week when the Trump Administration announced new efforts to subsidize the coal industry — speaks volumes about who is waging, and winning, the war on coal,” Bloomberg, an Independent, said in a statement.

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Is This The Most Alpha Thing Trump’s Interior Secretary Does?

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL commander, has adopted a military tradition at his agency, raising a special flag anytime he is at his headquarters.

When Zinke is at the Department of the Interior (DOI) in Washington, D.C., a security staffer makes a special trip up to the roof of the agency to replace the agency’s flag with a secretarial flag, the Washington Post reports.

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Frozen To Death: Too Much Sea Ice & Temperature Drop Causes Antarctic Penguin Disaster

A colony of more than 36,000 Adelie penguins in Antarctica suffered a catastrophic breeding season with just two chicks surviving, experts have said. Extensive sea ice and a drop in temperature caused chicks to freeze to death. The disaster for the colony in Terre Adelie in East Antarctica was down to unusually extensive sea ice late in the summer – despite low ice early in the season – which meant penguins had to travel further for food and the chicks starved. —The Daily Telegraph, 14 October 2017

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Trump needs to take a meat cleaver to Obama’s ‘national monuments’

In office less than nine months, President Trump has gone a long way toward keeping his campaign promise of lifting the shackles the Obama administration used to subjugate the rubes in flyover country and anyone else who stood in the way of the ruling class’s plans to tighten its grip on the levers of power.

From withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accords to rolling back regulations specifically designed to destroy whole industries, e.g. coal, and the livelihoods that went along with them, Trump has rained on the parade of globalists and the cabal of bureaucrats, NGOs, and crony capitalists who have flourished under the unchecked power of the administrative regulatory state.

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Michael Mann Crowdfunds Worst Children’s Book Ever

Michael Mann is writing a children’s book about climate change.

Don’t all rush to donate at once – you might break the internet – but he wants you to pay for it through crowdfunding.

The book is called The Tantrum That Saved The World.

Michael Mann knows all about tantrums. Probably his biggest was the one that led him to sue Mark Steyn for having had the temerity to suggest that his now-infamous Hockey Stick was fraudulent.

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The NOAA Database and Global Warming

NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) publishes a temperature database for 7280 worldwide meteorological stations. It is called the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN.)

The database consists of six files, three (maximum, minimum, and average) for ‘Unadjusted’ and three for ‘Adjusted’ values. The Unadjusted was formerly called ‘Raw’ data. For this short essay, only the average-value dataset is under consideration.

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Greenpeace co-founder tells us why we shouldn’t buy into ‘global warming’ claims

In this podcast, Jacki Daily is joined by Greenpeace co-founder and ecologist, Patrick Moore, to talk about the fallacy of human-caused climate change and disclose his reasons for parting ways with the environmental organization he helped create.

“How did you go from being the founder of Greenpeace to now — you’re kind of on the other side from this group?” asked Jacki.

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry Moves to Preserve the U.S. Electrical Grid

Americans often take their daily electricity for granted. And it’s only when storms knock down power lines that we realize how much we rely on it.

Unfortunately, there are real, growing concerns about the long-term sturdiness of America’s electricity grid. That’s because a decade of heavy-handed federal regulations, along with a wave of competition from natural gas, have combined to dismantle a sizable number of the nation’s coal-fired power plants.

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Green Energy Failure In Germany, Even With Massive Investments

No matter how often we pile on the fraud that is Germany’s energiewende (for “energy transition”), it never gets old pointing out that it should really be called energiefehler—”energy failure.” Today the New York Times acknowledges it as such:

Germany’s Shift to Green Power Stalls, Despite Huge Investments

A de facto class system has emerged, saddling a group of have-nots with higher electricity bills that help subsidize the installation of solar panels and wind turbines elsewhere.

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