Who Will Help Trump Make The Energy Department Great Again?

trump_RNCSources inside the Department of Energy told The Daily Caller News Foundation that either fracking billionaire CEO Harold Hamm, energy insider Mike Mckenna or venture capitalist Robert Grady will be President-elect Donald Trump’s new secretary of energy.

All three candidates have worked in conservative energy policy for  years.

Hamm has long been seen as a leading candidate for the job and has been Trump’s friend for years. Hamm worked his way up from pumping gas to becoming CEO of his own billion-dollar company, Continental Resources. As a CEO, Hamm popularized fracking, paving the way for a new American oil boom and earning him a net worth of $13.6 billion, according to Forbes.

Hamm previously served as an energy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, and has greatly influenced the energy policies of both Republican candidates. Partially due to Hamm’s influence, Trump has broadly embraced fracking and energy exploration, promising to lift environmental regulations, open federal lands to energy production and make permitting processes easier.

Politico claims that Hamm is the preferred candidate, calling him Trump’s “energy whisperer,” but cites no specific sources.

McKenna is currently leading Trump’s DOE transition team, and has worked for both the Departments of Energy and Transportation. He is currently president of the consulting firm MWR Strategies and is a well-connected energy insider closely tied to the conservative and industry-backed Institute for Energy Research.

McKenna has lobbied for the Dow Chemical Company, Southern Company and portions of Koch Industries.

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    The best possible outcome for the United States would be to abolish the Department Of Energy and sell off its holdings at auction. If, after a year, anyone missed any of its functions, Congress could consider adding them to a constitutional department.

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      Thoroughly agree. Why else did we vote Trump ?

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    Could you please elaborate? Some say the same could be said for the Department of Education…

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