Where Hillary and Trump stand on fracking and America’s natural resources

marcella_frackingIt’s becoming increasingly difficult trying to determine #Hillary Clinton and #Donald Trump’s stance on fracking after recent comments the candidates gave on the stump and in interviews. Hillary has said on numerous occasions that she supports a local community’s right to ban fracking even if the state doesn’t. She made this part of her campaign’s platform during the town hall debates and rallies. She also said she would regulate fracking even more even though it’s already under a suffocating blanket of state and federal rules.

But now Clinton says only states should have the right to ban fracking and not local governments. Meanwhile, Trump had previously said only states should ban fracking, but told reporters on Friday he also believes that local communities should have the right veto it as well. Trump made his remarks while in Denver, where Colorado’s supreme court ruled that only the state can ban fracking, not local municipalities.


Why either candidate would want to relinquish who can frack to local governments is puzzling. In states that have embraced fracking, they have seen unemployment drop, tax revenues go up, and cities on the brink of death come back to life. According to a new report, since fracking began in earnest a little over a decade ago, over a million jobs have been created. It has also brought down electricity prices, lowered gasoline prices, and reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are believed responsible for any global warming.

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