Reports Of Arctic Ice Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated…Greenland Ice Mass Near Record

Polar snow and ice cover rarely cooperates, no matter what side of the warming issue you may be on; it changes so fast.

When ice cover climbs, skeptics like to claim that it shows global warming isn’t what it is often hyped up to be. And when ice cover drops to satellite era record lows, the alarmists start screaming and hollering, forgetting that low ice levels were not uncommon in the past 100 years. 

They freaked out just some months ago when the yearly autumn Arctic sea ice recovery faltered and fell to “record” lows. Immediately they began predicting near ice-free conditions for the coming summer.

Just as the weather does, polar ice and snow cover also acts unpredictably, and now just a few months later Northern Hemisphere snow and ice cover is back within the normal range.

Winter snow and ice cover trend for the Northern Hemisphere has in fact been trending upwards since statistics started.

Source: Rutgers University

And when one applies the 30-year weather mean used to define climate, the winter trend since 1987 is strongly upwards. So is the autumn trend. This 2017 winter was well above average, ranking in the top 10.

The Greenland snow and ice surface mass balance is currently also near record levels:

Source: DMI.

As meteorologist Joe Bastardi said, it’s going to take a fair amount of warmth to make the added ice go away again.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Like that lying liberal rag TIME and its fruadulent front covers either showing the earth frying like a egg in a frying pan or the PolarBear and its BE WORRIED BE VERY VERY WORRIED I mean the who man made global warming poppycock and it all has to do with money and power just a way for Big Green Brother to control our lives and control the populence

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    Falsifying or exaggerating Arctic and Antarctic claims is extremely convenient. Who has any personal experience to compare? Who lives there?

    Speaking from firsthand experience, the upper Midwest is having another very cool and wet spring. These fraudsters know that we would call bull—- on any claims that our own neighborhood is burning up, so they have to find locations that can’t be observed by ordinary people.

    On the other hand, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of “scientists” are being paid millions of dollars based on the premise that the poles are melting. It’s safe to assume that any researcher who comes forth with contradicting data or alternative hypothesis will quickly find themselves without funding, without friends, and without a job. Scientific extortion.

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      I’ve thought the same thing all along. Proxy data collected from no-man’s land is expensive and suspect.
      Poor Greenland. Frozen forever. Global warming has been an empty promise and a cruel joke.

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