Rand Paul Blasts Panicking Morons Freaking Out About Paris Accord Withdrawal

The left is still in full freakout over Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement (see Donald Trump to Pull USA Out of Awful Paris Climate Accord and HELL YES! Trump Pulls USA Out of Paris Climate Agreement. Liberals MELT DOWN!). The way they’re acting, you’d think Trump misspelled a tweet. Or got two scoops of ice cream when everyone else only got one.

But move over outrages. Because the most insane of panics revolves around “mass extinction.” Yes, some people are a bit hyperbolic. This is where Sen. Ran Paul is all like, “Nah, bro…”

But your previous guest sounded like, my goodness, the sky is falling, mass extinction. Really? I don’t think we should be alarmists about this. The planet is 4.5 billion years old. We have gone through great extremes of climate change naturally and now we may have man-made influence as well.

They act as if it’s a given that man is the only source of climate change. My goodness, the great climate changes in our history happened before the industrial revolution. So is there climate change could man have an impact? Yes, but let’s not be such alarmists that if we don’t sign the Paris accord that there’s going to be mass extinction? That’s a ridiculous statement.

We would have gone with GTFO, but the Senator still needs to be dignified. I’m not burdened with such obligations of decorum.

Trump outlined much of the crap the Paris accord forced the United States into. Rand Paul touched on some of the terrible deals as well. But the main, macro takeaway is this: the Paris accord was a shakedown. It punished the success of the United States in the form of awful regulations and “Give us your money, you earth-hating heathens.” With a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty promise that maybe the Earth’s temperature needle might sway?

The accord would’ve taken away a lot of choices and control from America and put it in the hands of shady, unelected, globalist goons who point and laugh at mob movies for their inaccuracy. As president, Trump correctly determined it was a terrible deal for the United States. Which, contrary to what the left is saying, withdrawing will not lead to cataclysmic catastrophe. These Chicken Little predictions brought to you by the people who love science. And pick their genders like they’re choosing shoes.

Good on you Rand Paul, for calling out the idiocy.

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    Spurwing Plover


    You can already hear the cry of panic and hystaria from the various eco-wacko groups(Greenpeace,EDF,Sierra Club,NRDC,Etc calling Trump a Climate Crinimal and with his little snot bucket Robert Kennedy Jr joining with Mad madame Maxine Waters calling for Trumps impeachment over this and the green nuts are falling thicker then rain froma summer thunderstorm from the green nut trees

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    Did the MSM freak out when the Senate voted 95-0 in rejecting the conditions laid
    down in Kyoto and saying the USA would not sign onto one sided agreements .
    Kyoto actually had teeth (which was never enforced )and unlike the Paris Pledge
    which is completely unenforceable. It had to be watered down because Obama knew there was no chance of getting it approved by Congress .
    This climate con game needed to end and despite the left’s feigned melt down
    tax payers were being ripped off by $hundreds of billions . Where is the MEM on that ?
    Silence because most are to stupid and lazy to figure it out . Easier to be bullied into
    drinking the cool aid .
    Good on President Trump besides who gives a S what the Hollywood hypocrites or other parasites living off the climate crime think . What ever happened to those bad actor losers who were going to leave the USA ? Love the heat and fake world of California a little too much no doubt .

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