Poland To Take EU To Court Over Global Warming Rules

Poland threatened to sue the European Union (EU) over its global warming regulations, according to documents seen by Reuters.

An EU deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030, fulfilling its pledge to the United Nations, poses problems for EU member-state Poland. Reducing emissions may harm Poland’s coal industry — a critical industry for the country.

Poland is challenging the legal basis for the EU’s global warming rules, and is determined to bring the case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), though an unnamed source doesn’t think Poland will go that far.

“[T]o challenge the legal basis (of EU climate policy) is extreme even for Poland,” an anonymous EU official told Reuters.

EU global warming rules require unanimous consent from all 28 member-nations, meaning that Poland could block them. Poland repeatedly opposed EU measures to combat global warming and has fought the bloc on coal subsidies.

If passed, the EU resolution mandates that 15 percent of Poland’s energy come from “green” sources by 2020. Poland presently generates nearly 90 percent of its electricity from coal power, making it the second largest coal consumer in Europe. Green energy accounts for less than 5 percent of energy production in 2012.

Poland is currently governed by the conservative and anti-EU Law & Justice party, the first political party to win enough seats in parliament to govern alone since the Soviet Union collapsed. Poland does not have a single member of a left-wing party in parliament.

Law & Justice generally opposes wind and solar energy and favors an energy policy that emphasizes tariffs targeted at Russian natural gas. It has even advocated for a moratorium on the construction of new wind power turbines and supports dismantling of any wind plant within three kilometers of a residential area.

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    The people of Poland are used to dealing with all kinds of bullies . Eco -anarchists
    are just the latest version . Poland and a number of other countries are never going to fall for this con-game . Now we find out the NOAA fudge factory was hard at work cooking the climate books . The science is settled as claimed by the Gorecal is just another failed prediction and wishful thinking .
    Way to go Poland!

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but Poland has shale gas reserves that the EU won’t allow them to access. Instead, Europe buys natural gas from Putin. Maybe Poland should follow Britain out of the EU.

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    Fernando L


    Poland’s shale gas resources turned out to be noncommercial.

    Poland has very poor solar power potential (too far north, too cloudy, winter snows are common). The wind potential is mediocre (too far from Atlantic winds).

    The European strategy can be questioned using their own models, which are faulty. It’s fairly easy to show EU targets are harmful. The key is to run the integrated assessment models with a realistic fossil fuel resource figure. The IPCC and EU use exaggerated resources to exaggerate future emissions.

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