Obama Uses Hillary Stump Speech To Bash ‘Climate Deniers,’ Takes Credit For Cheap Gas

obamaPresident Barack Obama took time during a stump speech for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in North Carolina Tuesday to bash so-called “climate deniers” and take credit for low gasoline prices.

“You can go the path that denies climate change is real, or you can choose a path where American jobs and businesses lead the world to combat it,” Obama told Clinton supporters gathered in Charlotte.

“Over the last seven years, we have doubled renewable energy in this country,” he said. “Remember when we were all concerned about our dependence on foreign oil?  Well, let me tell you — we’ve cut the amount of oil we buy from other countries in half. Remember when the other team was promising they were going to get gas prices down in like 10 years? We did it. Did it.”

The speech was Obama’s first public appearance in support for Clinton this election cycle. Clinton is expected to win her party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July. Obama focused part of his speech on global warming and energy issues, including cheap gas.

“So we’ve been able to shape an energy policy that’s good for families and good for your pocketbook,” Obama said.

What’s ironic is Obama is taking credit for cheap gasoline prices he said were impossible to achieve simply by drilling for more oil. Obama repeatedly told Americans “we can’t just drill our way to lower gasoline prices.”

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