Harvard Alum Prove They Are as Irrelevant as Global Warming

cartoon-gw fairyA new survey of Harvard business alumni is exhibit Number One on why our ruling elite just can’t manage to understand the gravity of the crisis that this country is facing.

The study of 2,716 Harvard Business School graduates, some of the most powerful people in the U.S economy, shows that by a large margin they think the worst thing that faces this country economically is “rising income inequality”.

“A total of two-thirds said the top priority should be addressing rising inequality, middle-class stagnation, rising poverty or limited economic mobility,” reports the Market Business.com

The article says that by a wide margin, the graduates believe that while things are getting better, it is only the top one percent who are benefiting.

They ranked slow GDP growth as third, as if a growing economy is an after-effect rather than the cause of wealth creation.

The income equality myth is most maddening because as our friend at Political Calculations has pointed out previously, wages have stayed remarkably stable over the last 40 years. The thing that has changed is the composition of households— which conveniently is how social scientists (or is that socialist scientists?) measure income inequality. With more single parent households— encouraged by the mostly liberal elite— of course income by household is going to be dropping at the lower end of the scale.

“In short” says PC, “it’s those social processes, which have driven demographic changes within U.S. households, that are almost exclusively behind the observed increase in family and household income inequality observed in the U.S. since the 1960s.”

Just like Global Warming, Income Inequality is one of those things that the elite like to TALK about, but nothing they propose will address the cause, because the cause is imaginary.

The part in the survey about today’s economic policies benefiting the top one percent may be true, but it’s only because THESE yahoos are the top one percent.

Just who are these people, these graduates from Harvard Business School?

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    Universities continue to reflect the perceptions of their faculty so it is not surprising the students see things as noted .
    The Liberal candidate for Prime Minister in Canada is of a similar mind . Anyone earning over $200,000 is a rich SOB who is part of the 1% the Harvard students see as a problem . Fleece them .. how dare they earn that while layabout losers
    collect pokie .

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      They all see that as the problem, but some have no problem letting refugees getting everything free. The Conservatives were the ones slashing the ei program, but the Liberals were the ones that cut into the ei program and use that surplus to balance their budget. All smoke and mirrors.

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    Don’t worry, next year Apple will release some new gadget and they will forget all about inequality.

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    Accepting the premise of income equality = accepting Marxism.

    If everyone is to have [i]equal[/i] incomes then only an authoritarian, centrally controlled, oppressive, state apparatus can make it happen. Distributing misery equally…

    Insulated and privileged academic elites have long assuaged their conflicted “success guilt” by professing Marxism for the masses, ignoring the utter economic failure of all Marxist systems of the past, and their inevitable devolution into tyranny and human destruction.

    These leftist elites choose to ignore history and insist that the only problem with Marxism is that we haven’t had the right guys running it yet – people like themselves, of course – brilliant people of compassion and vision, who in return receive special privileges, exempting themselves from their own prescriptions for the common man.

    AGW is simply a means to an end for these people. Green is the new red.

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