Fake Nobel Laureate Uses Super PAC To Attack Trump On Global Warming

trump_redhatA handful of scientists is using a super PAC to get their colleagues to align against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over his “embrace of conspiracy theories, anti-science attitudes, and disregard for experts.”

“We urge our peers to join us in making it clear that Mr. Trump’s statements are not only at odds with scientific reality, but represent a dangerous rejection of scientific thinking,” reads an online petition started by anthropologist Eugenie Scott on the website of Not Who We Are PAC.

Scott, who made her name fighting against teaching creationism in schools, joined up with Penn State University climate scientist Michael Mann and three others to attack Trump for his beliefs on issues, like global warming, vaccines and evolution.

“Vaccines save lives every day, but Mr. Trump has stoked discredited fears about vaccines and autism and accused doctors of lying to people about them,” reads Scott’s petition.

“Every major country on Earth is adapting to a changing climate and reducing emissions from fossil fuels, but Mr. Trump has claimed it is a hoax, a statement that prompted a response from hundreds of members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the country’s leading scientific advisory body,” she wrote.

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    Not a surprise, the scary global warming industry days are numbered and they know it . That’s what happens to chicken little the earth has a fever promoters . Failed models failed scary predictions and a hypothesis that does not consider the overwhelming influence of natural variables . Trying to scare people on a warming trend that is highly beneficial to the planet is just stupid . Any warming we get has far more benefits than drawbacks or do the scary warmies deny that too ?
    We can all agree climate changes and the current warming trend should be celebrated . Hopefully some day climate models will become accurate enough to be useful and the source data less inviting for dogs to eat .

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