EPA Chief: ‘I’m Not Talking To Climate Deniers’

mccarthyEnvironmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said she’s done talking to “climate deniers” who don’t think human activities are causing global warming.

“If they haven’t figured out by now, what in God’s name could anyone say to them?” McCarthy said in a Facebook Live interview with Mashable Tuesday.

“I don’t check out flat Earth society and I’m not talking to climate deniers,” she said. “That’s it. Sorry, I know I’m supposed to be for everybody, but my patience has worn thin over eight years.”

McCarthy has been one of the more controversial EPA chiefs since the agency’s global warming rule, called the Clean Power Plan, was finalized under her watch. Republicans even called for her resignation in the wake of the EPA-caused Gold King Mine spill in 2015.

Some Democrats have suggested McCarthy could stay on, at least temporarily, at EPA if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, McCarthy, however, has suggested she’s got no plans to stick around D.C. for the long haul.

EPA has continually rebuffed criticism from pro-coal Republicans they are responsible for miners losing their jobs. Coal companies have said power plant and mine closures are due to federal regulations and cheap natural gas.

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    Not only is her ignorance appalling.
    Her arrogance is even more appalling.
    Her inability to understand logic and scientific method thought process renders her
    INCOMPETANT to be leading an agency which would obviously have its decision making turn on the ability to comprehend scientific thought.
    Those keeping her in such a powerful position are negligent at best and
    criminally reprehensible and liable at worst.

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    Simon Ruszczak


    Good, I don’t want to talk to her anyway.

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    What exactly is a climate denier ? The EPA does speak to those lobbyist’s she pays to do their work . JAYPEE’s description of her fits . When you have to be told by a court to do a basic part your job it is obvious a protected clueless twit is running the show . The real climate deniers are people like McCarthy who think they are going to adjust the earth’s temperature by the USA destroying their economy for some overblown scam . The models used to underpin this con game are proven to have
    overstated the effect of CO2 . The denier is the party that thinks the warming we are experiencing coming out of the last ice age is a bad thing . Was the warming taking place prior to the use of fossil fuels a crisis ? No, it was a massive benefit to life on earth as is the gradual warming we can barely detect .
    What does the EPA have against a greening planet ? Or are they denying those scientific studies and pictures that prove it ?
    When a countries own departments work against the citizens interests treason
    is the closest word .

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