Enviro-Libs Go Big On Pro-Hillary Spending Spree

hillary-clinton-tom-steyerDeep-pocketed environmental groups have spent more than $3.3 million in the last week to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s election bid and attack Republican opponent Donald Trump.

NextGen Climate Action spent more than $1.4 million since Sept. 8 attacking Trump’s candidacy, mainly through a sizable digital advertising campaign, according to independent expenditure data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

NextGen was founded and is almost exclusively funded by liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who made his name spending tens of millions of dollars trying to make global warming a top-tier issue in elections. So far, NextGen has spent nearly $2.2 million this election cycle attacking Trump.

Steyer was the single biggest donor during the 2014 election, spending more than $73 million that cycle. Steyer spent more than $20 million that election through NextGen, and is likely poised to spend millions more this election attacking Trump or supporting Clinton.

Ironically, Steyer recently told the podcast This Golden State he viewed the election as a “David and Goliath situation” where he is David and the GOP is Goliath. Steyer’s net worth is $1.6 billion.

“They’ve always been so capable of building influence around the country through money. Regardless of what I do, or what Democrats do, we’re gonna get outspent by a lot. That’s just a fact,” Steyer said.

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    People can waste their money on whatever they want . It is sad to see the democratic
    process go to those in the highest snack bracket . One more “faint” and that bet is
    another one flushed in politics .
    Yes like getting outspent hurt Obama ? Save the poor us crap .
    What half a $$Billion already spent to try and get a sick person in office and that isn’t enough .
    When do the people get candidates that are not beholding to sugar daddies .
    Limit the contributions from anyone or thing to $!000.00 and give the USA it’s country back . The political groupies can find a different way to get their photo ops and buy favour . Every day people are getting screwed by this grotesque abuse of the electoral industry . Two plus years spent completely bullshitting the public is a disrespectful waste of time and money that could go to solve real problems .
    The system eliminates the many highly intelligent ,honest people from public office
    and allows not just politicians to be bought but government agencies like the EPA .
    This gets fixed when a viable third party changes the game or the economy completely tanks .
    The world is laughing at the USA soap opera. The real people in the USA who are talented , hardworking and kind deserve more than the current gong show .

    If Steyer is accurate about being hopelessly outspent why is he not advocating
    the elimination of the core problem ?

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    Hillary doesn’t have pneumonia she fainted because of climate change .

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