Climate Alarm Industry Exposed

book coverI met Larry Bell shortly after reviewing his 2008 book Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax.

That book was inspired by his friendship with renowned climate scientist Fred Singer, to whom this new book is dedicated.

His first book led to his becoming a columnist for Forbes and Newsmax. Over 300 columns later, he has become, in my opinion, one of the most astute analysts of what goes on in our world of perpetual environmental terrorism— a creation perpetrated by our government with the support of environmental zealot groups whose vast income is derived from this very terror.

New Book, Not Old Columns

Over the years, a number of us have implored Bell to consolidate his best columns into a book for posterity. He has refused, and this new book makes it obvious why. He could not, as the preface states, create a “patchwork of old articles.” He knew he would have to start from scratch, and he finally did so. Using his vast storehouse of knowledge gained from years of weekly columns, Bell provides fresh insights into understanding the fix we are in, how we got here, and at whose hands.

If you care about our environment, our government, our children, our future, and society in general, you must read this amazing book. There are many outstanding books describing the damage done by environmental zealotry, but none takes you down the destructive path we are following in as chronological and precise a fashion as Scared Witless.

Bell’s 227 pages flow similar to a conversation. With laser-like precision, Scared Witless’ 18 chapters deal with topics such as the fraudulent climate consensus, the political destruction of science, the climate religion, melting glaciers, coral reef health, biodiversity fraud, green energy madness, green fascism, carbon taxes, and the United Nations’ plan for America. 

Follow the Money

The book includes information I was unaware of even after 45 years of studying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For example, Bell cites U.S. Government Accounting Office reports showing between 2003 and 2010 the federal government spent $106.7 billion on climate issues, not including the $79 billion spent for climate change technology research, tax breaks for green energy, and foreign aid to address other countries’ climate problems.

“[F]ederal government regulatory operations cost $54 billion a year, bigger than the combined expenditures of McDonalds, Ford, Disney and Boeing,” Bell wrote. “Those many billions fund government agencies dependent upon public fear for continued growth, university departments forsaking objectivity to secure research grants, environmental activist groups relying on crisis-premised donations to support lobbying and media programs, alternative-energy lobbies seeking special subsidies, and a wide range of politicians, prophets, and profiteers who are cashing in on save-the-world hype.”

Until you read chapter 15, titled “Green Fascism,” it may be hard to imagine the full extent of the collusion going on between EPA, the Sierra Club, the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense, and a host of other groups that receive grants from EPA and then sue that government agency, only to settle later per a prearranged plan. Personnel move from EPA to those groups and back again through the revolving door.

Many of these groups are being funded secretly by a billionaires’ club described in a Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Staff Report, released before the 2014 election.

As reported by Bell in his book, the report reads in part, “While it is uncertain why they operate in the shadows and what they are hiding, what is clear is that these individuals and foundations go to tremendous lengths to avoid public association with the far left environmental movement they so generously fund.”

Scared Witless provides virtually unlimited ammunition for climate and energy realists, including free-market organizations such as The Heartland Institute, which publishes Environment & Climate News, in the battle to promote sound science and economics.


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    I see stocking stuffers for everyone this Christmas!

    Yesterday I received a form letter from one of my senators, in response to a letter I sent him about the EPA’s refusal to follow court orders. I detailed the fraud being perpetrated by the EPA, and how it would do nothing to change global temperatures while doing great harm to the economy. The form letter I received was one big lie meant to “explain” to me that what the EPA was doing was in my best interest. It stated that coal fired plants were “the single largest contributors of greenhouse gases”, a truly ignorant claim.

    I called the senator’s office and spoke with an intern who was utterly clueless, and we got “disconnected”. I called back. This time an older man answered and was extrememly rude until I explained that we were being recorded. 😉

    I left my information so that the senator’s “science advisor” can call me back, and informed the older man that they should talk to their colleagues across the aisle about staffing agencies and phone service providers, as the republicans seem to have better success with both.

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    $106 Billion on “climate issues ” let’s call it what it is ,the single largest fraud ever pulled in USA history .
    Empty the snake nest and cut off the supply of money .

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    Dan Pangburn


    Observation that AGW is not valid is reinforced by discovery that CO2 has no effect on climate and identification of what does cause climate change.

    Proof that CO2 has no effect on climate is expressed in steps as follows:

    1) Atmospheric CO2 has been considered as a possible climate change forcing. Forcings, according to the ‘consensus’ and the IPCC, have units of J s-1 m-2.
    2) A thermal forcing (or some function thereof) acting for a time period accumulates energy.
    3) If the forcing varies (or not), the energy is determined by the time-integral of the forcing (or function thereof)
    4) Energy, in units J m-2, divided by the effective thermal capacitance (J K-1 m-2) equals average global temperature (AGT) change (K).
    5) Thus (in consistent units) the time-integral of the atmospheric CO2 level (or some function thereof) times a scale factor must closely equal the average global temperature change.

    6) When this is applied to multiple corroborated estimates of paleo CO2 and average global temperature (such as extant examples from past glaciations/interglacials ice cores, and proxy data for the entire Phanerozoic eon), the only thing that consistently works is if the effect of CO2 is negligible and something else is causing the temperature change.

    Three estimates of paleo temperatures are shown at these links:
    Temperature during the Phanerozoic:

    Average global temperature and CO2 levels during the entire Phanerozoic eon (about 542 million years)

    CO2 & temp during glacial and interglacial periods of the current ice age: Figure 1 at (Ignore the narrative nonsense at this site. SS has a poor grasp of the relation between mathematics and the physical world.)

    For all time, atmospheric CO2 level must have been higher than 150 ppmv or so for life as we know it to exist.

    Identification of the two factors that do cause reported climate change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) is at (now with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured average global temperature (AGT), the near-perfect explanation of AGT, R^2 > 0.97 since before 1900).

    The ongoing average global temperature trend is down. Monthly reported temperatures are being temporarily propped up by el Nino.

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    Excess atmospheric CO2 above the equilibrum level is converted to limestone. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of the mineral carbonate CaCO3). Carbonates are formed in seawater and soils through biological and chemical processes. An acre of oysters or coral (or phytoplankton, barnacles, termites or ants) can create 100 tons of carbonate in a single growing season. Limestone and marble (metamorphosed limestone) are just aged carbonate rocks compressed by sedimentation processes.

    You can see the bivalves and other sea creatures in many pieces of limestone if you look at them closely. Most of these formed when CO2 levels were much higher than at present. The formula is CO2 +CaO => CaCO3. You can do it in your kitchen, but little creatures are much more efficient. They use solar energy to convert CO2 to carbonate.

    Seawater is highly basic (pH of 8.2), and highly buffered (lots of alkali metals such as Ca, Mg, Na, K, P etc., available to enter solution). CO2 from all the known fossil fuel reserves is insufficient to render seawater acidic. It will always be basic. (Other acids, such as sulfuric or nitric acid are a different story, but that’s another matter.)

    Nature efficiently recycles CO2 from human fossil fuels use into carbonate. The equilibrium level of CO2 in the atmosphere will rise or fall depending on the temperature, because the vast majority of CO2 comes from rotting vegetation. Vegetation rots faster when it is warmer. And it it is supposed to be getting warmer, because we are merging from an ice age. If it starts to get colder, atmospheric CO2 will begin to decline, and we’ll be at risk of another ice age.

    Activists, politicians, promoters want global warming to be a problem, so they can extract money from alarmed citizens, who don’t (and shouldn’t have to) be expert at these matters. And now the clergy wants a piece of the action. But we live in a time of untrustworthy institutions. The political leaders, businesses, financial institutions, charities, and churches we used to trust to guide us are instead taking advantage of us.

    How did the International “Monetary” Fund all of a sudden become expert at climate science? Why is NASA all of a sudden trying to make itself relevant by spinning alarming tales about climate change? Why are NGO’s like the Sierra Club taking tens of millions of dollars from Chesapeake Energy and Michael Bloomberg for its “Beyond Coal” campaign?

    Before the onset of this rent-seeking behavior, most scientists believed that climate cycles were caused by Milankovich and other solar cycles that periodically amplify or attenuate each other. Ice ages and warm periods are natural, and not the result of human use of fossil fuels. There is noting we can do but adapt to them. Rest assured we won’t experience runaway global warming anytime soon, whatever activists, churches and governments do or say.

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